Hey Everyone :D

I guess I'll start making those random update things kinda like the vid ones ringo has on his site :) So yeah

Chapter 2


Hey everyone :D well what's been going on? I have been writing more but since my computer is still being a jerk i cant get on quibblo normally :/ well i can try to send it to you guys via email if you wish my email is (W/o the spaces. It's LONG)
a l i c e a a d @ p a s c a c k. k 12. nj. us

Well Things have been fab around where i am and i'm glad we didn't all die last week :D lol
And I am an offical PAPERBACK WRITER!!!!!! I got a hard copy of something i wrote and its on amazon and everything!!!!!!!! :D Sorry i'm just very excited :)
but one more bit of sad news... i will not have my school computer as of 6/10 :( so if you email me i will tell you where else you can contact me :) Well everyone have a gear summer and hope to hear from you all!

~MrsRingoHarrison/Adriana/Adrizz/what ever you wanna call me :)

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