Stuck In The Moment(A Justin Bieber Love Story) 70

I know you guys have wanted to know what happens so here you are!

Chapter 1

chapter 70

by: ImBack_
Brooke's POV:

I never got to finish me sentence cause he kissed me. I was trying to pull back but i couldn't.
I soon gave up and ended up kissing him back. My heart was beating so fast i was sure he could heard it.
"Is that who i think it is?" I heard a voice shout. I pulled back from Justin and looked to my side to see a whole bunch of Paps headed our way.

"Brooke! JUSTIN!" They shouted. Justin grabbed my hand and pulled me into the hotel, as we rushed to the elevator. Lucky, the hotel staff wouldn't let them in. I sucked in a breath breath as the Elevator doors closed.

I couldn't feel Justin looking at me, "I've missed you so much...." I heard him say.
It brought a smile to my lips, though i couldn't say anything back.

The kiss had blown me away.

"I've missed you too.." I said looking down at the ground, "I feel 16 again.." I chuckled. Justin stepped closer to me.

"Yeahhh...Those were the good days..."
I looked over at him and he was looking at me, I stared into those hazel-brown eyes I've missed so much.

"Maybe....Just you Jake and i could go talk, catch up?" He asked. I nodded and gave him a small smile. He smiled back, and laughed a bit.

The elevator doors opened and we stepped out onto the floor and walked around till we came to our room where Amy was sitting beside a sleeping Jake.
I giggled and Amy turned away from him to look at us.

"Did we fix everything?" She asked walking over to us with a hopeful smile. I looked over at Justin wondering the same thing.

"We're patching things." Justin replied, walking over to Jake.
Amy nodded before saying good-bye and walking out the door.

"I missed a lot didn't i?" Justin said, as he gently picked up Jake.

I crossed my arms, "Yeah..He's first Birthday..First day of school. First Sentence. Father's day where he comes up to me and says, 'Everyone has a daddy...Where's mine?' You really have missed some of the most important years."

"I'll be here for the rest of them," Justin said walking over to me, "If you let me..."

"Why wouldn't i?" I questioned back. He didn't answer but just continued to hold Jake in his arms.

He placed Jake back on the bed and laid down on it next to him.
I laid on the other side of Jake.

Hours gone by, as Justin and i sat there talking about things, like the old times.
We caught up. Turns out Justin was in Canada, just a location he wouldn't tell anyone.

His mother knows he's back, but hasn't seen or talk to her in 5 years. He asked me how I've been. I told him i still sing, but I'm focusing on acting.
As the time went by i felt 16 again. Butterflies in my stomach and everything.

I turned on the TV to something i was expecting.

"JUSTIN BIEBER IS BACK!" The reporter basically screamed.
"He's back! Not only that...but still with Brooke Wicfield! WOW! Can you believe this!?"

I sighed and switched off the TV, "They know you're here."

Justin shrugged, "Could care less." He responded.



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