☼My Life At Hogwarts☼

Please read, and rate. The character is called Lucy, she has dark brown hair, light tan skin and one eye more blue, one more green. I got the eye idea from when my friend told me I had one blue and one green eye. Awesome ☺

Chapter 1

It Can't Be...

by: bkrulesss
Feeling Slightly dizzy in the head, I got up out of my bed to the sound of my sister's squealing cause her new barbie doll got here. My sister, called Aimee, is always into the latest fashions and she even wears mascara and high heels with pictures of Justin Beiber on them. Amy doesn't even know her ABC's but she knows all of his songs. Walking down the stairs, I hear Aimee talking about how she found out about the doll and my mum, got... Lets just say stressed when my dad, who is reading the Daily Telegraph, said 'Less talking more eating' and smiles. My sister gets WHATEVER she wants! She got a laptop, DSi, Radio and even a guitar (Even though she never plays it). I've been begging my mum for 5 years to get me drums but she has the same excuse, 'You never ask when we're are at the music shop'. Even when we ARE at the music shop, she says, 'I don't have enough money!'. Even the pictures around the house show how much they love her, every single one outlined with heart shapes which are blood red.

With my sister chatting while eating, I take this to my advantage. I quickly make my Wheet-Bix breakfast and rush to the dining room table (We use it for dinner). I eat it with speed when my sister said something that made me drop dead. My sister read out "To Lucy, 25 Maple Street, Smallest Room, London". 'OMG THIS MUST BE JUSTIN BEIBER HAVING A CRUSH ON ME' Exclaimed my sister loudly. I rushed towards her and stopped her in her tracks. My sister, Being the nosy little girl she is, made a BREAK for it to her locked room. Rushing after her, up the little wooden stairs, jumping the 6th one, I made it to her before she got into her room. I made a dive at her feet and she tripped over. I grabbed the letter then the worst thing happened. She threw a GIANT fit! I crept to my bedroom to open it before I got into trouble.

I opened my window, letting the cool air rush in before I climb out, close the window again and sit on the tree thats outside my window. I scrambled out of the windows view and sat on the over side of the tree. I opened the letter, with the emerald green stamp and started to read:
Dear Lucy Latter,
You have been chosen to be in Hogwarts, School of whichcraft and wizardry

Was this a prank? I read on eagerly but it turned out to not be interesting. 'Dang!,' I thought, 'Not worth it. I must be on Prank Patrol.' I waited for someone to say You Have Just Been Pranked By The Prank Patrol, then my heart skipped a beat or 10. This was for real! Looking around the place, I decided it was proberly safe. My sister WAS 5 after all! My mum and dad didn't seem to mind me entering the living room, but my sister, when she saw me, started to weep and I saw my mum with bandages in her hands and my sister holding her knee. I managed to get a look at it. It was as clear as daylight, it was a tiny scratch mark that length was a total of 1cm and 2mm. My mum was looking as though she was trying to think, Dog or cat? I decided to show mum the letter and she started to weep in happiness

'W-w-what IS it?' I ask interestingly. My mum replied in a soft weep then started to talk. 'Well dear,' she started, 'Your dad and I are sort of... How can I explain this?' 'What?' I asked straight away. 'Wizards,' My mum answered, 'Well lets go up to diagon alley.' My mum sign language my dad to stay home and look after the drama maker. Mum shoved me towards to car, and we drove off.

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