Horror/Thriller/Suspense Story Summary

Hey, just read the little summary thing below, it'll probably help you decide on a name :P

Chapter 1


Basically what happens is a bunch of friends are on a bus on their way home from a camp. The bus breaks down in a forest, and the kids seek out shelter at a house they see on a hill. They get closer, and they realize it's an abandoned mansion. They don't know what's inside, so they go in to seek shelter from the huge storm that is about to happen.
Only the house doesn't want them to leave. Or, at least, what inhabits it.

I considered House of Hell because, well, it could be a living hell :P
I considered House of Demons because that's pretty much what inhabits the house
I considered The Haunting because the main character role shifts to the sole survivor of the haunted mansion, because, not only does she live through the experience to tell the tale, but because she is permanently haunted.

I'm not giving away any more than that :P You'll have to wait!


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