Me, The normal Girl (a love story for girls)

**NONE OF THIS STORY IS REAL** As i said to all of my friends that read my love story with either Shawn or Kyle, i have TWO new ideas. One fits in well in a story, and the other in a quiz form. :) For all of you that dont know, ___ means your name, i dont really wanna make up a name lol. Everything else is explained down there ENJOY! (i hope...)

Chapter 1

Me, The Normal Girl

Hi. I'm _. I'm sorta your average 19 year old. I have friends, homework, a dream job, everything. Except a boyfriend. Really, I DON'T want one. I didn't since I was 14. Since that one night that Mom was on a business trip. And my step-dad...wasn't. Mom....she doesn't know about what happened that night. Nobody does. Makes me shiver thinking about it myself..... Okay, on with the night.

"Bye honey! Be good to daddy!" Mom said walking out the door, her hands full with luggage. "Bye mom..." I said quietly. I was very sad, I loved my mom with all my heart, even though she divorced my real dad. I looked at my dad, and cleared my throat. He had this weird grin, almost scary. I was very "advanced" if you know what I mean. I was pretty tall, and had a great body, especially for a 14 year old. I was often mistaken for a 16 year old. "I'm going to go eat dinner, then go to" I coughed out the last word. It never felt right to call him that. Anyway, he was too childish to be a father. He was 29, but still. "Oh, it's okay. You go in bed, and I'll bring you dinner up." He said in an innocent voice. It was the first time he ever offered to do anything, without Mom telling him to. I stood there and eyed him before agreeing and walking up. I heard the clangs and clashes of pots and plates downstairs, before I shut the door. I picked up my favorite book, "Old Yeller", and settled down to read. I barley got a few words done, before "Dad" barged in, a bag in his hand. I looked at the bag as I said, "Well, where's the food?" "Oh, it's cooking. Don't worry." The way he said that caught my attention. He took out a water bottle from the bag, and offered it to me. I was really thirsty, so I gulped down more than half. "Good girl....Good job..." I heard him whisper. That was the last thing I heard before things went black. I woke up dazed, after what seemed like hours. I tried to sit up, but my arms were tied to the bed frame, and so were my legs. Thoughts started to race in my head about where I was, and that stuff, but I recognized my room. My purple and white striped room. There was some duct-tape over my mouth, preventing me to scream. He walked in the room, in only boxers. I quickly looked over to my body, realizing i was only in bra and panties. I panicked. I struggled against the ropes, and muffled small screams. He approached me slowly, and sat down next to me. He ran his hand over my forehead, and whispered, "It's okay, don't hurt yourself, It's okay...." My eyes widened as I realized he drugged me. He smiled, and said, "It won't hurt you. It only made you black out. Now, lets get on with things." That's when I started crying. Sobbing, sobbing is a better word. Mom wouldn't be back in a week. Nobody could save me. I would end up pregnant at 14, all because of this bastard. I felt his flaky, dry hand wipe the tears from my cheeks. My eyes widened as he pushed his lips against mine. It all went downhill from that point. He rubbed his hands all over my body, expecting me to start enjoying it at some point. But I didn't, which really pissed him off. I guess I didn't because my father, my real one, had told me, "Always, always stay strong, no matter what." He told me that right before he left. I never saw him again. Anyway, before, my step-dad, well, "did it" He whispered gently in my ear, "I won't get you pregnant, your mom would find out that it was me." Then all hell broke loose. If I struggled a bit more against him, my arms would have ripped right off of the rope. The thing he told me before he untied me (after maybe, HOURS), was what really scared me. "If. If you tell one soul about this, I swear, you can kiss your mother goodbye. And your own life would end too." I was too stunned and sore to move after he untied me. He gently cut the ropes with a knife from the bag, then took the knife with him. I felt unbearable pain, mostly mentally. From that day on, I never, ever, trusted another man again.

I hope this was okay, I tried my best lol! Please comment what you think!

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