Ron's New Crush/Love

Kiana Vine is a new student at Hogwarts who started Hogwarts as a Fifth year and automatically Ron falls in love with her, but she has a boyfriend. When some Death Eaters attemp murder on her, but only maims her and she is sent to the Hospital Wing, she is cought muttering something in her sleep.......................And somethings blossoms! Hope you read part 2 when it comes out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chapter 1

The New Girl's Accident

"Welcome back to Hogwarts and for those new students, welcome to our school" Dumbledore exclaims," This year's sorting will be a tad different"
" What? Noone will go into Slytherin?" Ron says hopefully
"Let the Sorting begin!"
" Kyle Affrunti................" McGonagal calls out as Kyle is placed in Griffindor and she continues and continues until it's over.
" Minerva, now that we are done lets tell them our suprise" Dumbledore says to her agreement
" Kiana Vine!" A tall girl with brunette hair with pacific blue highlights and chestnut brown eyes with a soft but fierce expression on her face steps up onto the stool. She is wearing a faded Chudley Cannons T-Shirt and ratty jeans. The ratty,old sorting hat went appropeiotely with her clothing. As she stepped up a couple boys hooted or whistled, including Ron.
"Our suprise is that Ms.Vine will be starting Hogwarts as a fifth year." Dumbledore announces," Any words Kiana?"
"Sure. I would just like to say I'm excited not to be on the move and being surrounded by people and I'm excited to be in Griffindor since some of my decendants were there" she says in a pleasant voice. People began to eat then the Great Hall spilled and Ron saw Kiana follow the first years to the Griffindor House and, despite being in the middle of eating, ran up to catch up to her.
"Hello! My name is Ron Weasley" he said stupidly," I can take you up to Griffindor so you don't have follow the first years if you'd like"
" Sure! I'd love to" Kiana agreed putting an emphasis on 'love'. They walked but Ron made sure they went slow and she seemed to be playing along.
" So, what's it like at Hogwarts?" she asked
" It's pretty sweet, but there are a few people that're jerks" he said gladly. That made Kiana laugh which boosted Ron's mood. They talked until they reached the common room and Ron asked if she had a boyfriend.
"I do. His name is Logan Codes. He's a wizard in Ravenclaw." she said glumly. But the two talked until Ron's shoulder felt heavyier and it turns out Kiana had fell asleep and Ron decided not to wake her......
In the morning Ron decides to change and head down to breakfast.
"Hi Ron" someone pants behind him. Ron turns to face Kiana.
" Oh Hi' he replies
" So did you sleep well?"she said with a grin.
" Yeah" Ron said thinking about his dream. As the two reach the Great Hall, they both load their plates.
" Whoa!"
" Yeah?" Kiana says
" It's nothing. I just saw the amount of food you eat and yet you're so thin-not too thin- but you get the point- I hope" Ron says stupidly,yet again.
" Oh! It's just my 'Get off your butt' routine.It eally works! You just play Quidditch!" Kiana said sending Ron into fits of laughter
"Are you a Chudley Cannons fan" Ron asked remembering her shirt from the sorting.
"Kiana!" A voice called.
" Hi Logan!" she said waving.
"Um, hey I gotta go do homework for Snape....." she said leaving the two boys confused. 10 minutes later Logan comes up to Ron.
" Hey you!" Logan shouts at Ron
" Yeah?" Ron replies
" Are ya messin' with my girl? Well, she's mine!"
" We're only friends and for your-" Ron is interuppted by a female scream leaving him to break out the Hall and into the corridors. Ron sees a twitching body laying on the floor surrounded by disapparating dark forms that are definitely Death Eaters
"Kiana!"Ron screams seeing that the bloody body is no longer twitching. He checks her pulse to find that it is very slow.
" Someone-Help"Ron calls. He does not want to leave the body.
" Weasley! What is all this- What did you do to her!" Professor McGonagol gasps
" "I-I did nothing! I heard a scream then an here to find-this!" Ron stammers breathless.
" Take her to the Hospitol Wing- Now!" Ron picks up the body and runs as fast as he can.
"Madame Pompfrey!" Ron gasps
"Oh my" she mutters
As Ron, Fred, George, Ginny, and Harry are gathered around her bed, Logan comes in and tackles Ron.
" What-did- you-do-to-her!"he shouts.
" Nothing! Now get off me you double-brained jerk!" Ron says angrily.
" I-I love R-R-"Kiana mutters in her sleep,"Ron Weasley-" That sends Logan out the Wing, cursing and pushing everything out of the way,including Malfoy which made Ron like him a tad more. Fred and George move out of the way so that Ron can be closer to her. He kneels down so his face is leveled with her's.He grabs her hand and squeezes it.
"Can you tell me how we're dating?Not that I don't like it, it's just so confusing and sudden."Kiana repeated
"You muttered my name in your sleep when you were attacked" Ron explains
" Well, that's a way to ask someone out!" Kiana jokes as she and Ron move closer.....closer.......closer..and they snog.
" It's Friday, Friday gotta get down on Friday" Kiana sings as they walk out of their last class for the day.
"What is that song?"Ron asks thinking about how good a singer she is
"A muggle song. I hate it, but I'm just so happy to be free from learning even though we have it again on Monday" Kiana said imitating Snape on the part about coming back.
" So wanna meet in the 3 Broomsticks tomorrow at 12:00" Ron offers still as suprised about their relationship as she was.
" Sure. Wanna go to Zonko's after?"Kiana asks hopefully.
" What did Fred and George do to you?" Ron asks cautiously.
" They pranked me so I wanna get back at them" she said with an evil grin.
" What'd they do to you?" he asked trying not to laugh. He knew they prankeed her because they liked her.
" Okay. So I'm sitting reading about Moonstones for Snape then all of a sudden a candy is shoved into my mouth and I'm uncouncious! Then when I wake up I'm soaked in Weister's color changing paint. You'd expect them to just dump the can on ya!" she roars angrily as they drank their butter beers in the common room." Hey, wanna go to Diagon Alley also?" she asks as they get up to throw their empty bottles away.
" Sure why not" Ron agrees," Hey can I ask what happened the night you were attacked?"
"Sure. I was walking out, then my friends Sarah and Elyse pull me away and we head for the common room. But when a dozen or 2 Death Eaters begin to apparate in front of us, Sarah says you can't apparate on Hogwarts ground and some dude said their Lord is getting stronger so we can and to shut up so he sent her to the common room along with Elyse. Then I felt a sudden pain in my head and cried out in pain then an ugly voice said 'please the lord Draco' and I saw a green light, then a white light and I knew the green light was the death spell and whoever said that white spell saved my life! But the Death Eaters pointed two spells at me before they disappeared. Obliviate and Stupefy and I was down on the floor, mostly uncouncious, but not fully, all bloody because of so many spells hitting me. And then someone, I couldn't tell who, picked me up and took me to the Hospital Wing, you, and then I woke up completely after a couple of hours. What bugs me is that the white light came from noone and 'obliviate' is a memory erasing charm and yet I remember it so clearly." she finished.
"Oh wow. You okay?" Ron asked not sure what to say
" Yeah it's just I keep getting that pain in my head, kinda like Harry, and at times I can't remember anything!" she said shakily. Then all of a sudden, Kiana screams an there is a huge spider right infront of her, .which scared Ron too because of his fear of spiders
"High Five Bro!' calls a familiar voice
" Fred!George! Why'd ya do that?" Ron yells angrily as he grabs a remote and pushes the one button on it and he goes to confort a gasping Kiana.
"I am gonna kill them one day when I'm not this tired" she yawns as she puts her head on her favorite spot and once again Ron's shoulder was weighed down with Kiana's sleeping head.
In the morning Ron wakes up on the chair in the Griffindor Comon Room,not knowing why he was there but then he remembered last night then thought where was Kiana?
"Ron!" a voice that was destined to be Kiana's called. Ron turned around and sureley enough, it was Kiana. What Ron did next was pleasantly suprising for the both of them. Ron got closer and grabbed her gently and said, " You do not know how happy I was when you muttered my name in your sleep" then he got closer...closer and a second later they are snogging, not caring that Fred and George where staring at them.
" I was so stupid" she muttered
"I was dating Logan, not you" she replied as they snogged again.
"Kiana!" a voice called Ron predicted to be her friends
"Ron!" voices called that were sure to be his friends.
"Hey wanna sit all together?" a girl with dirty blonde hair and glasses said.
"Great Iidea Sarah!"Kiana replied imediately.As the kids walked into the Great Hall, Ron and Kiana stay in the back of the group, holding hands, trying not to draw to much attention.Soon came the moment they both were dreading. Fred and George were sneaking around to pull a prank on them when they spot a pair of hands holding eachother and they shout together,
"RON AND KIANA SITTING IN A TREE,K-I-S-S-I-N-G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"those words were greeted by a lot of interested faces. Because of this they were glad there was only 1 day of school left. They spent the day going to lessons, playing Quidditch, snogging, trying to get around the Whomping Willow, and finally the day was over and they fell asleep the usual way.
"A sad,sad day of the year,today."Dumbledore starts,"But I can't wait to see you next year.Dine on!" The whole Great Hall is drowned by untensils and goblets clattering and the couples snogging(including Ron and Kiana). Before everyone knew it, they were at King's Cross, their families awaiting them, and Kiana joined Ron to meet the Weasleys.
"Ronnie-poos's gotta girlfriend" the twins sang as they approached.
"Awww,Hi what's your name darling?"Mrs.Weasley asked, embarassing Ron, but Kiana shot Ron a 'don't worry about it' look.
"Kiana"she started,"Kiana Vine" she shook Mr. and Mrs. Weasley's hands.
" If it wouldn't be much of a bother, could we meet your parents" Mrs. Weasley asked
"I would but, I don't have any" she said shyly.
"Oh, then where do you live?" Mrs. Weasley asked again.
"In a treehouse in a forest." she said quickly.
"Well I know Ron was going to ask you this eventully, you can come to our place any time! In fact why don't you come with us right now!" "Ah, don't worry about it.I'm sure you and Ron will like it." she saaid looking on the look on her face.
"Say yes!" Ron,Ginny,Bill,Fred, and George shouted at once, Ron the loudest.
"Okay, if it's not much of a bother" she replied to Ron,Ginny,Bill,Fred, and George's alplause.
"Okay then, let's get a move on" Mr. Weasley said happily.


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