Her name is Adele Watson.
She lives a normal life in upstate New York.
But then she starts to get letters,
Saying that someone is watching her.
And they'll stop at nothing to have her.
Her name is Adele Watson.
And she's being stalked.
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Chapter 3


"Listen, Adele, why don't you just come spend the weekend?" Hannah asked.
Adele was on the phone with her twin sister, and she had just finished telling her the story of the note. Adele had been too scared to open the bright red envelope, so she picked it up and ran into the kitchen. There, she dropped it down her drain and turned on the garbage disposal. Adele had finally felt safe, but she wasn't taking any chances.

"I dunno Hannah. What if he follows me there?" Hannah and her fiancée lived in Azalea, Oregon. It was very far from New York, but Adele was sure he would follow her.

"Oh, c'mon Adele! Lighten up! It's just some random dude you saw at the park. Who knows? He might be a very rich magician or something," Hannah sighed.

"Fine, I'll come," Adele said, anything to stop Hannah's excessive pleading.

"See you in a few days! Bye!" Hannah said.

"Bye Han." Adele hung up and walked into her room to pack. She packed clothes for four days, not knowing what Hannah had in mind. Then she went online and booked tickets for a flight to Azalea. Adele printed them out and called her best dude friend, Jesse.

"Hey Jesse!" Adele said happily when he answered.

"What's up?" he asked.

"Do you wanna come to Azalea with me to visit Hannah?"

"Yeah! When are we going?" Jesse said.

"Tomorrow morning at twelve o' clock. Can you be awake by then?" Adele laughed.

"Maybe... I'll have to check my schedule," Jesse joked. They laughed, and for a moment, Adele forgot all about her stalker. But as soon as she hung up with Jesse, all the happiness left her, and she was filled with dark thoughts about her stalker. Adele decided to make a surprise trip to Jesse's house. She took her suitcase from her room and got Marshall's leash. His ears perked up and he barked happily, tail wagging.

Adele clipped his leash to his collar and walked out the door. She called the elevator and waited. The doors dinged and opened. Adele and Marshall entered the elevator. She pressed the "Lobby" button and they went down. Marshall's tail was wagging really hard, and his whole backside was shaking again. They stepped out of the elevator once it reached the lobby. Austin was fast asleep in a chair by the door. Adele smiled.

She and Marshall left the building and hurried over to her car. She opened the back door and tossed in her suitcase. Then she walked over to the passenger side door and opened it. Marshall jumped up and in. Adele closed the door and walked over to her side. She got in and turned the car on. The clock on the dashboard read: 10:30. Jesse should still be awake, unless he fell asleep watching TV again, Adele mused.

She drove out of the parking lot and down the still busy New York streets. It took her about fifteen minutes to get to Jesse's house. Adele pulled into Jesse's driveway and turned off her car. She got out and opened the door for Marshall. He bounced out happily, tail still wagging. Adele walked onto Jesse's front porch and took the spare key from under the cactus he kept. She opened the door and Marshall ran into the house, barking, tounge hanging out of his mouth.

"Hey! Adele!" Jesse exclaimed from the couch. Marshall ran over to him and started to lick his face. Adele smiled and shut the door.

"What's up Jesse?" she asked, walking over to sit next to him on the couch.

"Nothing much, how about you?"

"Well, I just came into your house and my dog is licking your face, but other than that, nothing." Jesse laughed, and soon Adele joined in. Here, she felt the stalker couldn't touch her. Jesse would protect her. She debated telling Jesse about her stalker, but she decided not to. She wasn't even 100% sure that it was a stalker, it could just be a prank that someone was pulling on her. But who would break into her house in the middle of the night just to leave a note for her?


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