Her name is Adele Watson.
She lives a normal life in upstate New York.
But then she starts to get letters,
Saying that someone is watching her.
And they'll stop at nothing to have her.
Her name is Adele Watson.
And she's being stalked.
Hi guys! I would like it very much if you commented on my story. It annoys me that I have so many friends but so little comments. So please comment. Thanks!

Chapter 2

"For The Lovely Adele Watson"

Adele took still-distraught Marshall home, earning her a strange look from Austin as she entered the building. She took the elevator back up to her penthouse. As she and Marshall were getting off, her dog stopped. He stood there, rigid as a board, glaring at her door. Adele walked around and stood in front of him. She looked him right in the eyes and started talking to him.

"Now Marshall," she began, "I know you don't like my door, but there's no need to look at it like that." Marshall just swung his head around so he was looking over her shoulder. Then he started to growl. He walked slowly toward the door, growling the whole time. When he got to the door, he stood right outside, sniffing. Then he started barking and growling at the base of the door. Adele hurried over to him and grabbed his collar.

"Marshall!" she exclamied, giving his collar a hard tug. Marshall stopped growling, but continued to bark at the door. Adele finally opened the door, and Marshall bolted inside, still barking. When he saw nothing was disrupted in his house, he walked over to the couch and hopped on. Then he put his head on his paws and looked at Adele with his knowing blue eyes. Adele walked into her home, closing the door behind her.

She got her mail from the floor where it had been left, and started to look through it. Bill, bill, bill, junk mail, catalog, another catalog, letter from Hannah... Ooh, what's this? Adele took the envelope with the fancy handwriting on it and opened it. Marshall's ears perked up at the sound of tearing paper. He got off the couch and trotted over to where Adele stood by the kitchen table. She took the letter from the envelope, sat down, and began to read.

Dear Adele Watson,

You will regret what you said to me today, for I am always watching. You can't hide from me, silly girl. And that dog of yours will have to go.


"R. Y.?" Adele asked out loud, truly scared by the message. She looked down at her beloved dog, her beautiful Marshall. "No. You're staying, I don't care about this man." She threw the letter in her fireplace and lit a fire. She watched, smiling, as letter and envelope curled into ashes.


Creeeeeeaakkkk. Adele sat up, heart pounding, and looked around her room. It was 3:30, and she had been fast asleep until she had started having a nightmare. She was running through a long hallway, with someone chasing after her. Adele knew that she had to find the right door, and she knew what it looked like. But everytime she got close to the door, the room would spin and she'd lose the door.

It might not seem scary, but Adele's worst fear is failing herself and others. She slowly got out of bed, creeping over to her door and opening it. She peeked around the side of her door, and almost screamed. Then she realized it was only Marshall, lying in front of the now dark fireplace. Adele could've sworn it was a body. Satisfied that nothing was wrong, she returned to her room, Marshall following at her heels.

Adele opened the door to her room. And there, sitting on her bed amongst her blankets, was a bright red envelope with the words, "For The Lovely Adele Watson" written on the front.


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