Her name is Adele Watson.
She lives a normal life in upstate New York.
But then she starts to get letters,
Saying that someone is watching her.
And they'll stop at nothing to have her.
Her name is Adele Watson.
And she's being stalked.
Hi guys! I would like it very much if you commented on my story. It annoys me that I have so many friends but so little comments. So please comment. Thanks!

Chapter 1

A Walk In The Park

Adele looked out the window of her New York penthouse at the busy street below. She sighed, and turned away. Her half husky, half wolf, Marshall, stood by the door. He had his leash in his mouth and he was wagging his tail. He wanted to go for a walk. Adele sighed again, and walked over to Marshall. She bent down and took the leash from his mouth. Adele clipped it to his collar and opened the door.

Marshall's tail was wagging so hard, his whole backside was shaking. Adele laughed, scratching his ears. She walked him out the door and over to the elevator. She pressed the "call" button and waited. The elevator dinged, and the doors slid open. Adele walked inside, Marshall following after her. She pressed the "lobby" button. The doors slid shut with another ding, and they started descending. Marshall loved the elevator.

He loved every part of Adele's penthouse. When they got to the lobby, the only person there was Austin, the doorman. Austin saw Adele and smiled.

"Hey Adele," he said. He tipped his hat to Marshall. "Marshall, my good man." Adele smiled, and returned the greeting.

"Hi Austin. How are you?"

"I'm good, thank you. How about yourself?"

"Fine, thanks." Marshall suddenly pulled on his leash, yanking Adele after him. Adele laughed and smiled at Austin. "Bye!" she said, following Marshall out the door. She walked down the street with him, headed toward the park. Every so often, Marshall would stop and sniff something. Then he'd continue on his way, pulling Adele after him. She had to jog to keep up. By the time they got to the park, Adele was out of breath.

She sat on a bench while Marshall sat down by her feet. That's when she saw him. He was coming down the trail, eyes boring into hers. He was walking at a brisk pace, humming slightly to himself. Adele watched him curiously. She had never seen such a man. He was awkward, with a slight limp. And his eyes... They were the strangest color. Purple. Bright purple. As she stared at him, watching this strange man, Marshall began to growl.

At first it was a low growl, almost as if there was a particular blade of grass that was annoying him. But as the strange man grew closer to Adele, Marshall's growl grew louder. Louder and louder, until his inner wolf was fully unleased, and he was standing up, hackles raised. The fur on his back stood straight up, and his lips were pulled back to reveal his pointy teeth. His growl cut through the sleepy silence of the park, making it seem even louder.

The strange man was inches from the bench where Adele sat, and her growling dog. Marshall began to bark and growl even louder, snapping at the ankles of the strange man. Adele pulled on Marshall's leash, attempting to get him away from the man.

"No, Marshall!" Adele said, giving his leash a sharp tug. Marshall continued to growl and snap at the strange man. The man reached out toward Marshall. Marshall stopped growling and snapping. He sat back on his haunches and howled. It was a sad noise, heartbreaking and tear jerking. Adele was on the ground in an instant, kneeling next to her distraught dog. She rubbed his head, scratching behind his ears.

"Shhh, it's ok," Adele said, wrapping Marshall in a tight hug. "Everything's ok." He continued his mornful howling. Adele tried desperatly to calm him down, but nothing was working. It was then when Adele realized that the strange man was kneeling next to her, his hand on her beautiful dog. Maybe that's what made her crack. Or maybe it was the fact she thought her dog was having a mental breakdown. Whatever the reason, Adele got mad.

"Get your filthy hands off my dog!" Adele screeched, slapping his hand away. "Do you even have any idea who I am? Get out of here, before I call the police!" The strange man looked at her, the opened his mouth to say something.

"You will regret ever saying that to me, Adele Watson." And with that, the man vanished. Adele stared at the spot he had dissapeared, Marshall's sorrowful song finally coming to an end.


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