I Just(In) Need Somebody To Love!

Re-Posted So this is a Justin Bieber story and 3 ch.s of this is reposted so ya Enjoy! Thank You and Have a wonderful day! =)

Chapter 1

The Song!

Hi,Im Merisa im a singer here in Cali im famous of course and im going on tour but the worst part is im going on tour with Justin Bieber, Uhh I hate him so much but if i want to be a singer i have to
I had to wake up the next day early cuz tats when the tour start i got up and took a shower,changed,brushed my hair, brush my teeth and went to get my bags, My mom, dad and brother were already in the bus when i got there i put my all my carry-on stuff on my bunk r 1st show was in LA it was already sold out
Brandon(Brother):Were on the road again i just luv being on the road
Me:So do i
Me and brother dont fight were best friends well because i dont really have friend cuz ive been toruing all my life and my parnets were famous back then but had to give up tat dream cuz they had me and my brotherI went to get my laptop and went on twitter and tweeted: On the road cant wait to get to LA 4 the 1st show :)
Me:OMG! The 1st show is tonight i cant wait
Mom:I no im so happy sweetie
Really my mom was only happy cuz she loves living on the road but i dont care cuz my mom and dad let me live the dream
We got to LA and we had to go get ready we got there and guess who was there none other than Justin EWW! I just hate saying his name i went stright to my dressing room then i went to the stage
Director:Ok how bout we have Justin and Merisa go on stage and prefrom a song in the begging of the concert, yah lets go with tat
Yah if u dont no yet we like to have our concerts differnt from the last one
Justin:Tats a bad idea
Me:Yah tat really is I mean he sings like a girl and the fans wont tell the fans wont tell us a part
Justin:Yah They will cuz u sing like a guy
Me:U no wat i mean i dont need to sing 4 the rest of my life so i quiteDirector:No u cant im the boss and wat i say goes
Me& Justin:Fine
Director:Good now o find a song to sing togeather
Me:Fine come on justin
Me and Justin went back stage to find a song to sing
Me:Wat bout tis one
Justin:No, Wat bout tis one
Justin:How bout we just write a song together and sing it
Me:Yah tat works
As much as i hate him tats a good plan
Justin:Well ive been writing tis song and i want to no if u like it (he sang Overboard)
Me:Oh kewl whos it about

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