Echo: A percy jackson love story

Unlike a lot of these type of stories, my story begins before my OC is even born. It will follow the storyline of the book, kind of. Anyway, let me introduce you to my character.
Name: Echo Danielle Chase (her dad gave her her middle name)
Age: Same as Percy
D.O.B: 1st of March
God/Goddess Parent: Aphrodite
Appearance: Honey-coloured eyes, hair the colour of dark chocolate, tanned skin, a dazzling smile and a sparkle in her eye.
Personality: Charming, Sweet, Friendly, Emotional.

Chapter 2

Nine Months Later

Alex was lying, awake, in his bed thinking of the woman he had met last June. She only stayed a week after that night. It seemed to go by too fast. Eventually, she had to say goodbye. He was devastated that she had left and had hoped that she would at least stay in touch but he hadn't heard from her.
Two months ago, a baby wrapped in a blanket was left on his brother's doorstep. There was no letter and he didn't know why a baby would be left on his doorstep. He took the baby girl in even though he could have brought her to an orphanage. Alex thought that this was an unusual thing for his serious and not very kind brother to do. Anyway, his brother loved the baby.
While thinking of this, he heard a knock on the door. Odd, he thought. Why would anyone visit at this hour? He glanced at the clock. It informed him that it was three o'clock in the morning. Nevertheless, he slipped on his slippers and went downstairs to the front door. He opened the door but he saw no one. He was about to close the door when something caught his eye.
On his doorstep was a basket. A basket lined with lavender roses and inside the basket was a baby with tan skin and a tuft of brown hair on her head. The baby was lying on a bed of lavender silk and had a blanket of the same colour and material. Alex gasped. He knew who the baby's parents were. He saw a storybook and a letter wedged in between the baby and the edge of the basket. He sat down beside the baby and read the letter. It said:
My dearest Alex,
You may not believe this, and I don't blame you if you don't, but I am the Greek Goddess Aphrodite. I can't look after the child on Mount Olympus because she is not a full God. You have to look after her. Her name is Echo. She is named after a beautiful nymph I once knew who was a great friend of mine. She is a week old and she is the sweetest baby in the world. If you do not wish to take care of her, there is a camp for half-bloods which she can go to when she is old enough but I do hope you will look after her. Please, take care of our child.
I am sorry to say that this will be the last time you hear from me.
With all my love,
P.S. Echo will have dyslexia and, possibly, ADHD.

Strange as it may sound, Alex did believe that Aphrodite is actually the Greek Goddess. It could possibly be because of her inhuman beauty or because he didn't want to believe that she would give up her baby unless she had to.
He lifted the baby out of the basket and cradled her in his arms. The baby's eyes slowly opened. They were honey-coloured like her mother's and they had the same warmth. Her big innocent eyes stared at him for a second then she broke out into a smile. She had such an infectious smile that Alex smiled too. "Echo," he whispered.
He was unaware of the figure hiding in the darkness, watching him. Usually, Aphrodite never went on these trips (she would get Hermes to do it) but there was something special about this child. She loved Echo more than any of her other children. It could be that Echo looked more like her than any of her other children or that her smile instantly made anyone adore her or that she radiated goodness and kindness and compassion or maybe, just maybe, it was because she truly loved Alex more than any of the rest.
She wrote that letter many times. She tried to make it sound as cold as she could but it was painful for her to do so. She wanted to tell him how much she loved him and how she wanted to keep Echo but if the other Gods read that version of the letter they wouldn't of let her write any letter.
Aphrodite watched Alex gently rock Echo and smiled. She had the rose he gave her when they first met in her hand. She could tell that Alex loved Echo so she decided to leave. She blew a sad kiss to her daughter and, possibly, the love of Aphrodite's immortal life.

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