Echo: A percy jackson love story

Unlike a lot of these type of stories, my story begins before my OC is even born. It will follow the storyline of the book, kind of. Anyway, let me introduce you to my character.
Name: Echo Danielle Chase (her dad gave her her middle name)
Age: Same as Percy
D.O.B: 1st of March
God/Goddess Parent: Aphrodite
Appearance: Honey-coloured eyes, hair the colour of dark chocolate, tanned skin, a dazzling smile and a sparkle in her eye.
Personality: Charming, Sweet, Friendly, Emotional.

Chapter 10

Family Reunion


"So, we're going to see our parents today?" Echo asked Annabeth.
"Yeah," Annabeth answered, standing beside Echo.
A few of the campers that remained in Camp Half-Blood year round going into the Empire State Building for a trip to Mount Olympus. Echo was the only one of Aphrodite's children that stayed that year. All the Ares kids were gone except for Clarisse (one of the meanest kids), a few Apollo kids stayed, Demeter's left, only a couple of Athena's stayed, same for Hephaestus, the Dionysus twins didn't and many kids from Hermes' cabin stayed, including Luke.
Echo missed the others from her cabin. It didn't take long before they warmed up to her. Nobody could help liking the charming girl. Annabeth taught her ancient Greek and she had sword fights with her almost daily. There was a slight rivalry between Annabeth and Echo which is understandable considering their mothers.
"I wouldn't get your hopes up," Luke said from Annabeth's other side.
"Stop being such a pessimist, Luke," Echo complained. "Have you ever thought that maybe some care?"
"Have you seen the amount of undetermined people in Hermes' cabin?"
"Luke, don't make me upset," Echo ordered him as they entered the elevator. Mr D already had the key because, obviously, he's a God. Slowly, the elevator went up to the six hundredth floor. It was amazing stepping out of that elevator. They stepped into an ancient Greek city but it wasn't in ruins. Underneath our feet was Manhattan. "It's beautiful, isn't it, Annabeth?" Echo asked smiling.
Annabeth nodded and smiled back. Chiron was treating this like a school trip. He was telling us some historical stuff but she didn't think anyone was listening.
They entered the throne room where all the Gods gathered. The room was gigantic and so were the gods. They were insanely tall and it tingled to look at them so Echo looked at the floor. "Echo?" a voice said.
Echo looked up and saw someone who looked just like her only older and taller. She was dressed in a Grecian dress and her hair was loose at her waist. "Hush, Aphrodite," a deep voice said. It was a man with black and grey hair and stormy grey eyes.
"Zeus, please."
Aphrodite nodded curtly and kept her eyes on Echo. There were no other outbursts for the rest of the trip. Everything went by as normal but then as they were about to leave Aphrodite said, "You said later, Zeus. It's later now."
"All right but hurry up."
The Olympians went their separate ways and the campers went down the elevator, leaving Echo and Aphrodite alone. As soon as they were alone, Aphrodite changed to her human form and hugged Echo. Actually, hugged isn't the right word, more like squeezed. "I'm so sorry about Alex," she told Echo. "I really loved him. Truly. And you too. I didn't want to give you up but they made me. I know what happened to you when you were younger and I'm sorry I couldn't help you."
"You sent Grover to bring me to Camp, right?"
"I told Dionysus to send anyone. So, he sent Grover. I'm just so happy you're all right. You have to go now before the others leave. I love you," she kissed her daughter on the forehead. "Goodbye, sweetie."
"Bye, mam."
Echo ran off to the others, thinking of her father. He was right. Her mother did love her. She thought of the stories her dad told her. She was so absorbed in her memories that she didn't even answer Annabeth when she asked what happened. She spent the journey back, smiling and in her head.

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