A Girl After Death

This is a story about a girl named Malissa age: 15. She was thrown on the streets of New York City at birth. It was at a time in the future when people thought the world would end. Anything bad that could happen happened.

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Chapter 1


by: Haystacks
I guess my story starts a little before I was born. Okay, a lot before I was born. It was the year 2012, the year everyone thought the world was going to end. They were wrong, of course, but people were so caught up with global warming and everything that they made the stupidest decisions of destroying the last sample of the Black Plague. Then in March 2013 it broke out in Mexico and spread quickly throughout the world. Most did not survive. Then in 2015 it finally seemed to vanish and no one got it again but the world’s population was only ¼ of what it used to be.
But in 2023 we had ½ of the population we used to have. But the worst happened on September 2, 2027 when scientists did it. They found a way to bring things back to life. They tested it on plants then on animals. And once they were sure it was ready they decided to test it on a human.
They chose a person that died from the Black Plague, Lilia Bond. She had two daughters that had also died in the plague and her son was still alive then but her husband was missing.
When she awoke from her years of sleep she looked at her hands moving them. Most of her flesh was gone and she stunk of decomposing. Lilia let out a blood curdling scream. When they asked her what was wrong she just picked up one of the tools trying to re-kill herself but the scientists working on this project fought it out of her hand. They locked her up in a room where she could scream a much as she wanted and no one could hear her.
So on November 13th they tried again on someone who died the day before. It was a baby boy, Chris Dustin, who was born asleep and died for not enough oxygen. They did the same thing they did to Lilia and Chris woke up with a cry like he was supposed to when he was first born. He had no problems and went back to the hospital and the doctors treated him like a real newborn. The scientists agreed to do this to all newborn babies who died at birth. But only babies.
The scientist who discovered this skill was Doctor Wayne Tremblay. As every great scientist Wayne, before he proved everyone wrong, was thought of crazy. I wish they had stopped him before he proved everyone wrong.
Those babies that were brought back to life never had anything wrong with them. They seemed extra smart, extra athletic, and none of them had asthma or any of those types of sicknesses. They got the flu and the chicken pocks and stuff that get spread around, of course, but because of all their advantages in life they were considered cool.
On Chris’s 18th birthday in 2045 he started babbling about after death. Then about what was going to happen in the future. He started screaming and destroying everything. Everyone fled away from him. The scientists took him away and locked him in a medical institute but the doctors found nothing wrong with him but then all the babies that had been brought back to life started to do the same thing on their 18th birthday.
A law was then passed on October 10th that no more babies were to be brought back to life and ones that were already brought back to life were sent to a special school so the government could try to keep them from going insane. The problem was though is that this law was only passed in the United States and parts of Canada. The rest of the world was being destroyed by these people who are jabbering about the end of the world.
I happened to have been born on October 10th, 2045 in New York City and thrown on the streets to grow up with the kids who also were thrown on the streets. Ashley and I were the only girls in the group. Ashley would always tell me I was special. More special than anyone in the whole world but she never gave me an explanation why.
Ashley was beautiful. One look at her and you could tell she lived on the street with her ripped up clothes and mess of hair with twigs sticking out of it. It was a beautiful light brown and her eyes were as blue as the sky used to be. Pollution ruined it. She had a high cheekbone and she had laugh lines at her eyes which were kind and gentle.
Ashley would brush my hair with one she stole from a drug store saying I don’t want my hair to end up like hers. She would smile and take another strand of my midnight black locks and brush it out till it was as smooth as silk. Then she’d whisper in my ear, “Your more special then you know” and walk away. She knows something. I am sure of it.

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