2 days In heaven

About a girl and boy who meet at a party and have to play 2days in heaven

Chapter 1

The shy one

by: MrsBoddy
"Baammmm" You heared a loud noise come from the kitchen as the party was going on so you ran into the room an found a blond haired blue eyed boy sitting on the floor covered with water "woahh thats so not cool Williams Im going to kill you" he yelled towards another boy running out of the room "You wish sucker" He yelled laughing so I walked up to him giggiling "Ohh sure laugh at the poor white boy thats drenched from head to toe" he said smiling "Oppss hehehehehe sorry its just you look so funny,here follow me" you said helping him up and leading him towards the bathroom to get a towel "So whats your name" He asked taking the towel from your hand "Ohhh how rude of me Im so sorry and the names Alyssa and yours is" you asked "Mine is Andrew and its very nice to meet you" He said shaking your hand "YO you two come in here were are going to play two days in heaven" my friend Elizabeth yelled "Fine whatever" I yelled "well we better go in there" I said rolling my eyes. So we both headed into the living room and all the guys started putting stuff in the hat "YOU GO FIRST ALYSSA" Elizabeth said talking over the music and people "Ok" I said digging my hand into the hat. Hmmmm whats this I thought then pulled out a...... Lip ring and hmmmm did it ever look so familiar. Then I saw him it was Andrews and he was heading my way "My lady" he said so I placed my hand in his As Elizabeth lead us to one of the very familiar guest rooms "I thought we were using the closest" said blushing "Ohhh we are but you guys aren't" She said then winked and pushed us into the room. "Lock the door so no drunk people can get in please" Elizabeth yelled "Fine" I said bolting the doors

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