TAG: 20 Random Facts About Me. :)

TAG: 20 Random Facts About Me. :)

Write 20 random facts about yourself. Send to everyone and have them fill it out, then have them tag you back into it so you can read their answers.

Chapter 1

TAG: 20 Random Facts About Me. :)

by: Emilee_
1. my birthday has been on the last day of school my entire life, except in preschool, kindergarten, 2nd grade and 8th grade.
2. i play three sports year round, but don't have a number one favorite.
3. i'm extremely afraid of heights, but i'm not scared to go on airplanes.
4. before summer 2010, i had been to 2 states. after 2010, i've been to oregon, california, texas, virgina, maryland, new york, pennsylvania, and new jersey.
5. i've never hated someone. i've disliked people and disliked things about people, but i can honestly say i've never hated someone.
6. i used to wear glasses, but switched to contacts. i only wear my black glasses at home.
7. i always read books before sleeping, and always read them on my right side. never on my stomach or on my left side.
8. i have had torn ligaments, pulled muscles, misaligned joints, sprained ankles, slight muscle tears.. all in the time span of 5 months.
9. i used to know exactly what i wanted to do when i was older. now i'm not so sure.
10. i want to be a mother, and definitely want 3 kids.
11. i can put my right arm down my back, have my left arm wrap around my lower back, and then hold hands. then, i can wrap them from my back to my front without letting my hands go.
12. i love the color purple more than pink, but my room is pink, black and white.
13. i think texting is a waste of time. i only text my girlfriends if it's important, or i only text guys if i like them.
14. i don't mind IMing or long-term messaging, though.
15. my favorite song changes all the time. as of now, my favorite song is Judas by Lady Gaga.
16. i'm lactose intolerant, but the only thing i do differently is consume lactose free milk. everything else with normal dairy doesn't affect me.
17. i'm the pickiest eater you will ever meet. but somehow i get by. :)
18. i have never been to a concert. but that'll change, because this friday i'm going to one for the first time!
19. i watched Rio today in theaters with 3 of my closest friends.
20. i'm IN LOVE with a british band called Mcfly. :)

fill this out! i want to see your answers. :)


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