Alice & Alison of Wonderland

Alice & Alison are twins, holidaying with Grandma Alice. While there, they stumble across a large rabbit hole & fall down to Wonderland.
Once there, Alison & Alice have to learn to work together to free the 4 Coloured Alices of Wonderland & stop the red Army before it destroys everything.
Can the 2 work together to save Wonderland? Or are they doomed to die at the hands of the Alice's & each other?

~~~Originally created by me & bexley_at_the_poolXD. Please comment & enjoy!! Thankyou ^_^

Chapter 1

Alice & Alison

by: Cozy_Glow
"Hurry up, Blondy!" Alison called, unhappily to her twin. "Unlike you, I don't wanna be here!"
"I'm coming" Alice said, ignoring the insult. "I wonder what Grandma wants us for?"
"Hmm" Alison pretended to think. "Don't know, don't care! How's that?!"

Alice looked at her sister, frowning. Alison stared back, telling Alice to rack off, so she skipped away to find Grandma. Alison smiled, she wouldn't tell on her, she was scared of her. Though twins, Alison was the oldest & in charge. Alice on the other hand, was shy, younger & scared of Alison.
Alison followed the small shadow of her sister & they found Grandma Alice sitting in the garden near the rose bushes. Alice sat beside her & picked a white rose & gently put it in Alison's hair.

"It don't want it" she growled, shoving it into Alice's hands. "Too girly!"
"Fine then" Alice sighed, putting it in her hair. "I'll wear it"

The day seemed long & boring to Alison, so she walked around, thinking of a way to make it fun for herself, when she saw Alice picking roses with Grandma Alice for a vase. A pond was right in front of Alice. Alison grinned & ran towards her unsuspecting sister, pushing her forward.

"ALISON" Grandma Alice yelled. "Why'd you do that for?"
"Come on" Alison said, huffing. "It was for fun!"
"Well it wasn't very fun, was it?" Grandma Alice replied, helping Alice out. "Now, lets get you dry!"

They headed to the old mansion & Alice was sat infront of the fire. Alison was sent to bed early as bunishment. She kicked the furniture & screamed curses, before, finally, falling into an exhausted sleep on her bed.

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