How it all Began (A BVB Love Story)

How it all Began (A BVB Love Story)

Haii Guys, So i decided to write a new story since my other one was terrible and no one seemed to enjoy it. If no one reads this one then ill quit writing forever. xD So please read. The main character is Scene Queen,"Ambrehh is dead". If any of you know her. . Mk well thats it. Enjoyy. :*

Chapter 1

Part 1 ;D

"No!". She said. Not to him, but the idea of leaving this town. She loved Ashwood so much. Something new was happening around each and every corner. She wasn't about to leave it for some man who lived hundreds and thousands of miles away. Its was true, she did love him an awful lot.
She had met Andy on vacation in November when she went with her best friend, Ally, to Paris, France. She has wanted to visit there for so long and now that she had the chance she was so excited. And that's where she met him, that's where she met the love of her life. At least that's what she thought, that's what they both thought.

Its all started when fall came around, Rachel had always loved fall. It was her absolute favorite time of the year. For some reason, things seemed to be magical around that time.
Ally had called Rachel and said, "Oh Ma Gawh! I found the most amazing airline tickets to France that has both of our names on it!" Ally was totally obsessed with different countries and other cultures of the world.
"Wow, Please don’t tell me your on again?", Rachel said in a teasing voice.
"No, I'm not on . . . I'm on"' Ally confessed. Ally was planning on taking Rachel to Paris to hopefully get her mind off of her ex she had left. They had been together ever since they were in high school, but Rachel moved to California after she graduated and soon after, Kade thought it would be the funniest thing to make out with Rachel's Used-to-be-best-friend.
Ally had met Rachel about 6 months ago, about when she first moved here. She had been such a bubbly spirit and always brightened the room when she walked in, but now when she walked in, the room would get quiet and dark. That was how Rachel was now-a-days. I mean, we all know Rachel had been a little odd but now she was just. . Different, But Ally was okay with that because she was like that too, But Rachel wasn't supposed to be this way. At least not now
Rachel said in reply," Well, you know I haven't been in the best of moods lately, right now I don’t even like to leave my house, let alone the country."
"I know, I know, but you never know who you may meet. Maybe there will be some hot stud over in Paris for you. I mean, com'on, you just gotta love those accents!", Ally said.
"Oh yes Ally, you know I love me some accents! Ha-ha, but really I'm just not ready for another relationship.", Rachel told Ally like it was the first time she had ever mentioned it.
"Well, fine don't go to Paris to find a man. Go for me and to go shopping and see Paris. I know you have always wanted to go there.", Ally pleaded. It was true, Rachel really did want to go, and they both knew she did, but Rachel would never confess to it. So, Ally had to make a plan. She had to somehow find a way to trick her to go to a airport and fly her all the way to Paris because she had a surprise for Rachel waiting there for her, and she couldn't let him down.

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