When I'm Bored and My Booo wont entertain me storys

When I'm Bored and My Booo wont entertain me storys

Yep More more more more heheh

Chapter 1

Question one : Long distance SUCKS!

Dear : Lora,
We met on a Site
Then found out we were so alike
When it came down to it we asked at the same time what state.
When he said one miles and miles away I fell on my knees and wept.

Naw thats not how it went.
We met on a site that was true and we are alike but when I found out where he lived I was like "You really like to mess with me huh." Yelling at god. So here I am telling you this SUCKS. My BabyCake is out there with out me. All day every day and all I can say is Hi =). and * Hugs * But I can't even do * Hugs * any more. Tanner says Its Like I'm retarted when I put * Crys * and * Smiles hugging you *. So I'm stuck here in my house saying Wish I could hug you. Tanner is this cute nerd who thinks anything I do is lame and has no point. But he says he likes me alot so we Are dating. We talk all the time and send pic back and forth.
Love Emma.

Dear Emma,
Don't Stop being you, with the * Hugs * and * Crys * If Tanner wants you to change then he's not the one for you. I'm sorry to say but Emma See the signs and look deeper into the relationship. Question him on why he wants you to stop saying * hugs you *, And make him tell you why. If he refuses then leave him. Online dating is hard to work at. But if you both are committed the you have a great thing going. Thanks for Writing in.
Always and forever,
Lora Steller

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