The luv of us....

heyy all u purple unicorns out there!!! Or Blue wafflez... i dnt judge.. i luv u all!!<3

lol soozz anywhooo... i got rllly bored on my flight 2 vegas soo i started a story.. n yes i know it sux but bear wit me here.. 1st timer here! so plz enjoy?.
so yea COMMENT.. FRIEND REQUEST... RATE... LOVE ME? lol baiiii
oh n 10 comments 4 part 2... (:

Chapter 1

YAY! he's comming back!

by: Mrs_Sixx
We met when we were just barely 2. My names Catharine, but everyone calls me Katie... except for Taylor I let him, and ONLY him call me Kat, I’m 12. His name is Taylor he’s 12. You probly know him. Taylor Launter. We were bffs when we were little. Now he’s a big time movie star...Shark Boy… and I’m stuck here in stupid Forks, Washington. I have another bff, her name is Britt she had no idea me and Tay were so close.
Last night I got a text from a number I didn’t know; *I’ll be in Forks all summer -Tay*… obviously I was ecstatic!!... 3days later I was at the airport in my mom’s car waiting for Taylor. I almost didn’t recognize him. He came out in clothes he’d NEVER wear, I guess so like paparatsi wouldn’t recognize him or something. I jumped right out of the car and hugged him tight. *Kat!* He yelled. *I missed you sooooooooooooo much!* *Are you kidding?!?* I said *do you know how boring it is here!? I missed you!* we stayed like that until I realized what I was thinking... GOD!! Taylor got hot!!.. WAIT THIS IS TAYLOR! The Taylor I used to take baths with!! What is wrong with me?!?.. I awkwardly pulled away and smoothed my hair. **You ok Kat? Your cheeks are all pink. I’d say you were blushing if I didn’t know any better. ** Taylor said with a smirk. I hit him lightly. *Oh shut up... its jus hot out.*

Later, just like she always did, Britt walked right into my house yelling’ *I’m heeeereee!* but when she got to the kitchen she froze. *What?* I said. Then I remember Taylor Launter was sitting at my table with me. *oh.* I said. *Britt Taylor, Taylor Britt.* Then slowly she said *Catharine Anya Williams explain…* I laughed and explained all I could remember which was everything from when we were about 3. *Wow* was all Britt uttered after we told her everything. *Yeah, he’s like my brother* I said hugging him and laughing. *Your supper hot, muscular, and amazing brother* he added with a grin. *Suuuuure* I said punching his arm jokingly.
*Well it’s time for me to go home* Britt said frowning towards Taylor. “Did I forget to mention he’ll be here all summer?** I said with a giggle. *Oh. Ok* Britt said smiling. *Well see yall tomorrow then.*
It was about 11:30 when I said *I’m tired Tay, ima go to sleep.* *Ok* he said *I’ll see you tomorrow* he added quickly with a smile. God I loved that smile. I tripped on the stairs *y-yeah see ya tomorrow.* Just before I closed my door for the night I swear I heard him laugh saying *I missed you more then you’ll ever know Kat*
That night my dreams raced with Taylor.


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