We Are a Supernatural Couple (SLS), (Sam)

This is a supernatural love story! (: I Love this show with a passion. If you do tune in to the show it's scary! So beware (:
You'll be falling in love with Sam (: I'll make one with Dean later (:

Chapter 1


by: Tease_
I was laying down in my bed I've had since I was 5, I just turned 19 and was completely confused on which road I was going down. I was smart, but not to smart, I was pretty but not pretty enough for the runways. I had bright red hair that was dyed of course and pretty blue eyes with a straight smile and a heart shaped face. I was looking at the ceiling when I heard a scream. I sat up got out of bed and grabbed my pistol I kept in the closet. I ran down the steps and found my moms dead body, ripped up to pieces. I screamed and grabbed my phone and called the cops. "H-e-ello?" I asked
"hello how can we help you?"
"Someone murdered my mom" I Said shakily
"Where abouts do you live"
"Maple lake lane on 55383 please hurry"
"Okay were on our way" My heart was pounding so I ran outside and luckily enough the police were there within minutes.
"Oh my gosh officer please shes inside, shes dead" I said crying.
"Okay we'll get her out you should find a safe place to stay."
I nodded
"okay thank you officer." He gave me a nod so I got in my truck still shaken up and went to a hotel farthest from my house.
* One Week Later *
Knock Knock Knock
I heard on my door. I was on my laptop reading the articles about murders that were happening in this small town, they were all somehow related, all mothers who were widowed. I slowly got up and opened the door. Two men around 21 were standing at my door. One with brown hair and blue eyes who was tan and was extremely handsome. And the other with a blocky looking face and short hair,and tan, with greenish blue eyes, he was still handsome but not quite as handsome as the other one.
"Hi I'm Sam Winchester and this is my partner Dean" They were both wearing suits.
"Were investigating the murders in this town" Dean said.
I nodded "well my mother was murdered a week ago"
"will you tell us about it?" Asked Sam. I laughed quietly.
"It's kind of hard to talk about it."
"Did you see anything or hear anything?" Sam asked
"No I just heard my mom scream."
"Have you noticed any patterns with the murders?" Dean asked
"Yes actually, they've only been widowed mothers."
They looked at each other and nodded.
"Okay thanks that's all we need." Sam said
"Wait wait wait" I said confused. "thats all you need?"
They both nodded.
"Well I could show you around town?" I said looking at Sam.
Dean gave me a weird glare but Sam smiled
"Sure why not" Sam said.
I smiled
"Alright will now be okay?"
"Yes sure"
"Alright, are you guys the feds or something?"
"Oh yeah we forgot to show you our badges." They both looked at each other again I nodded and shrugged. They pulled out their badges which were very believable, but they still seemed off. I went upstairs real quick and grabbed my purple sweater to throw over my tank. I slid on my skinny jeans and put on my oasis shoes.
"Alright we ready?" I asked. I looked around and couldn't find them. They were in the kitchen changed into normal clothes. Sam smiled and got up from his chair.
"sorry we were getting uncomfortable in our suits"
"I bet." I said like I knew what he was talking about.
"Lets get the show on the road" Dean Said.
I nodded again and walked towards the door. Sam quickly opened the door.
"Ladies first" He smiled at me again. I blushed.
Dean coughed to muffle his laugh. I rolled my eyes. and walked down the hotel stairs.
"So who would want to murder your mom?" Sam asked
I shrugged "I don't know, she was loved by everyone"
"What about her deceased husband"
"They were so in love, I watched them kiss and hold each other for most of my life" I said
Sam and Deans eyebrows furrowed together.
"You guys aren't feds are you?" I asked
"Yeah didn't you see our badge?" Dean said getting defensive.
"Yes and it's a good fake one, so what are you guys? I want a straight up answer to."
"Were um..." Sam looked at Dean and Dean just shrugged.
"Were Hunters" He finished.
"Yeah, we Hunt Demons"
"Oh sounds dangerous." I said a little shocked
"It is, and we think one is here and he may have killed those people"
"So all those monsters I read when I was a kid are real?"
"Sadly yes." Sam said.
"that explains quite a bit." I Said remembering my dad.
"really how so?" Sam asked walking a bit closer to me on the sidewalk, Dean was wondering and not very interested.
"Well my dad believed in them, he kept silver bullets and holy water everywhere in the house it freaked me out but I learned to live with it."
Sam nodded.
"That's odd."
"It is, so do you guys ever get a break from this?"
"Not very often" I sighed
"Bummer, does it make you happy?" I asked curious
"Well, Happy when we save a life, sad when we lose one."
"That's how it begins though, how you get your leads, and if my mom was sacrificed so you can save lives then so be it granted I would rather had have it be me."
He half smiled
"My dad was killed by a demon..."

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