The Mythical Love Triangle (Jacob black love story)

thanx 4 the comments also i will need two characters so if u want 2 b one then tell me sorry for taking long stuff has been going on well the story was longer then this but it's not working well in the middle it her getting ready Jacob n them piking her up at her place so they could go to scool n Jacob n quil saw how beautiful she looks

Chapter 3


Hey you guys this isn't part of the story hehe I've been busy during the summer and i posted a new story if u haven't heard about it also just 2 kinda make things a little better for you to forgive me any way here's the best i could write and if you can, can you please try to give me ideas i think i'm getting better at writing stories because i have another story i'm working on so here is the story and thank you for everything and don't worry the ideas you give me i will give full credit, THANK YOU!!!

Walking to Table
"hey do you guys mind if Rylee and her friends sit with us?"
"No we don't mind right guys." i wasn't suprised that Embry said that 1st. when we got to our table a girl who was probably a cheerleader came over with her little barbie dolls right behind her "hey jacob." she said rubbing her hands all over him showing some cleavage,..slu-"what do you want now Mariah." "nothing i just wanted to be with my baby." she said seductively ohmigawd what does she think she's doing with my ma- wait what the heck was i thinking i don't care if he's with her. When i looked up i could see her glaring and mouthing hoez to my friends ok that's it (hey don't judge me) " what did you say to me/!" said Emily "you heard me you dumb a--($$) bish" boy was my blood starting to boil no one call my friends a a--($$) or a bish "....and now look your trying to get this ho--(e) to be a part of your group now, but like i said just look at her she was born to be one." she said glaring at me ok that's it "WHAT DID YOU FREAKEN CALL ME YOU DIRTY LITTLE (SL(---UT!!!" " you heard me oh wait i guess i have to spell it out for the dumb a---($$!." when i started to shake i could hear people to try and hold me back but it was mostly the guys that's when i remembered that no one could no my secret and so i just through a punch to her nose but sadly did no damage cuz i was being held back. All of a sudden everyone at the table had to got to the office.

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