The Mythical Love Triangle (Jacob black love story)

thanx 4 the comments also i will need two characters so if u want 2 b one then tell me sorry for taking long stuff has been going on well the story was longer then this but it's not working well in the middle it her getting ready Jacob n them piking her up at her place so they could go to scool n Jacob n quil saw how beautiful she looks

Chapter 2

meeting new people

The girl I saw had auburn colored hair , blue eyes , palish skin, n was tall. “oh thanks by the way my name ‘s Ashlin” ‘hi I’m Rylee” wow she’s nice by that I mean that she wasn’t like the girls wen I came in they gave dirty looks wen I came in with Jacob , Quil , n all of them. so wat do u have for 1st period ?” “um I have ms. Harris.” “ oh cool we have the same class together .” I’ll show you my other friend that’s in there.” “oh ok that sounds great !”
When we got in class i saw a girl who walked up to us n had dirty blonde hair dark brown eyes, n looked like a tomboy n was like 2 in. taller then me. "hey Rylee who's this." "this is Ashlin, Ashlin this is Emily." "Hi" we both said "hey guess wat my best friend is also new u an meet her at lunch her name's Abby." "ok" ********wen the bell rang for 3rd period to dismiss us to lunch i was dragged to lunch by the guys "hey wat r u doing?" "we want u to sit with us." wen we got to the line rite their in front of us were my new friends Rylee, Emily, n a girl that was a in. shorter then emily n had dark brown hair n looked girly . " hey u guys." "hm...oh hey Ashlin. wen she said that Emily n her friend i think was Abby looked bak at me (i didn't how to tell u that abby's eyes r green.;P) "Abby this is Ashlin the girl i told u bout"said Emily "oh hey well i'm obliviously Abby." she giggled lightly " hey i'm Ashlin but u can call me Ash."

OK don't be mad i know it's short but my battery is dieing n i have huge writer's blockage that's why i went into hiding for awhile from Quibblo n my stories but i'll try very hard for u guys to write a better one

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