The Mythical Love Triangle (Jacob black love story)

thanx 4 the comments also i will need two characters so if u want 2 b one then tell me sorry for taking long stuff has been going on well the story was longer then this but it's not working well in the middle it her getting ready Jacob n them piking her up at her place so they could go to scool n Jacob n quil saw how beautiful she looks

Chapter 1

lovable ememies

Ashlin P.O.V
During the fight i ran off as fast as i could n turned into a human got dressed n went straight home.! when i got home Katharina was, thank god, outside waiting for me "Katharina r u ok?!" "yea i'm fine r u ok?" "yea come on let's go in n remember don't tell mom n dad anything just tell them u walked on the beach n ate a little,'k?" "OK". when we got in i went straight up stairs, got into my pajamas n went straight to sleep.
The next morning i looked out my window n decided go for a walk on the beach...without my little sisters,..if i could. When i went down stairs THEY were awake (NNOOO!!) "Ash is that u" said mom "yea it is." "ok well your gonna have to babysit your sisters well we're gone o-" "what y!!?!!" "only 4 a couple hours ok?" "ugh alright but i was gonna go to the beach right now" " well now u can take Katharina n Jasmine with you today since Katharina had a very nice time yesterday." "fine lets go u guys." When we got there Kat n Jasmine were running straight for the water so i decided to walk around the beach for a little, a couple minutes later i walked past the same group of guys i saw yesterday one of them whistled at me so i looked at him n just rolled my eyes, when i started walking again i heard footsteps coming towards me i thought it be the guy that whistled at me but when i turned around it was a different guy who was taller then the other guys BUFF,n really CUTE<3
Ashlin's P.O.V
"Hi I'm Ashlin Melo" "Oh your the new student hold on well i get you schedule." "ok, don't have to wait for me remember Quil is gonna take me a tour around the school." "Oh yea well I'll tell him where u r." "Thanks c u later." "Well here u go Ashlin hope u have a nice day today." When i walked out Quil was right there waiting for me "Hey Quil." "Hi" =D "So what's your locker number?" "um 208" "that's right across from Jacob's Embry's n mine." "oh that's cool." "well here we r." "thanks c u later." when i put in my combination i tried opening it but it was stuck "Here let me help u." said a girl that looked

Sorry can't tell u what she looks like until two people give me a name, what they look like,n how they act

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