When the Rain Stops Falling...

When the Rain Stops Falling...

Forcha Annalice Demetori, the girl evryone stares at when she walks in a room, the girl who stands out in a croud, the girl that's dead.
Forcha is a ghost, tied to this world by the living love of her life. Yet, she doesn't know she's part of the unliving, and searches for someone or something to understand her. Then she meets Erich Lois Kenzington, a city boy who can see the dead.
Will things go the way she wants them, or will Love somehow creep up from behind?
(Futuristic, 2013-2016)

Chapter 1

Date of Death, December 25, 2013

The snow was pure white, my hair almost the same color, and light as could be. I smiled, it was good snow, the type you could make a really good snowball out of, which was exactly what I was doing. I was going to throw it at Alice, my best friend who had started the Fight. I rolled the ball around in my hands, waiting to get a good shot. I saw her black, furry coat puffing out from behind a tree and threw the ball. It hit her shoulder and she wheeled around, having a better aim then I did, and hit my in the chest with a powdery ball.
"Hey!" I yelled then laughed at how it had exploded against my body. Alice was laughing too, so had that she had fallen over. I took y chances and walked over to help her up.
"The snow comfy enough, Ali?" I said, smiling and holding out a hand. She smirked and grabbed it and pulled me down with her.
"Yep, comfy enough for two!" then she smushed snow onto my face and I coughed, but laughed all the same. "Whew, first semester went by fast, didn't it?"
I nodded, listening.
"I mean, it felt so slow, but now that I look back it's been such a short time!" she threw her arms out, barely missing my face. "Sorry..." she said to me then continued rambling.
Come on, Anna. Agree with me, I need to know that you're still alive!" She laughed then sat up. I did the same and sighed.
"It's almost the end of Christmas, we should get home." then I pulled myself up, helped Alice out and said, "It did go by fast, like, the Summer feeling went away, Autumn came then it got cold and here we have Winter!" she laughed and we started walking back to the path that had lead us to the little forest clearing. It wasn't long before the swing set was in view and Alice had to go left, and I had to go right.
"Hey, ask your mom if you can come over tomarrow. I wanna say Caio before I leave for Florida." Alice gave me quick hug, then waved and was down the street before I could say anything else.
I sighed, put my gloved hands into my pockets, and watched my feet make prints in the snow.

The truck driver had been driunking heavly and had thought nothing of the icy streets. He made it, just barely, through a red light and was quite proud of himself. The street lights on the next few streets weren't that good, or bright, so when he dropped the small can of Budweiser on the floor and reached to get it, he didn't see the pale, white-blonde girl in the front of his truck. He did, however, feel the bump and stopped the truck immeidiatly. Sobering up very quickly, as he thoguht of what the bump could mean.
When he got out of the truck, and wrapped around to the front, he pulled out his phone and dialed, clumsily, 911.
He had just killed a young girl.

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