George Weasley Love story

Sorry I haven't updated in ages it's just that I lost my passion for a bit. Anyway I'm back now. I've decided to make it into a story so they'll be one for George and one for Fred;no-one's left out. All I ask is that you comment and review because if they've become awful let me know and either try to improve them or focus on another story I've got in my head (nothing to do with Harry Potter). But overall just enjoy!

Chapter 1

Blind Date

There he was standing by the edge of the lake underneath the blosom tree. I remember when we took our OWLs me and George used to come out her all the time. Fred would go off with Lee Jordan and we would be left alone. I love Fred to bits, I really do but I have to admit George is my best friend and I'll do anything for him.
"Guess who?" I surprised him ffrom behind and covered his eyes with my hands.
"Hmm, well seeing as these hands smell rather foul with a hint of peppermint I'm guessing it's darling -----" He took my hands off his face and turned round to face me. "What brings you to me on this fine day?"
"I have some good news." George raised his eyerow skeptically at me. "If you could describe your perfect friday nnight, what would it be?"
"No homework, all pranks complete, you and me and some cups of hot coco by the gryffindor fire." He said it with such confidence that it took me by surprise. I felt my cheeckes blush and couldn't help notice the twinkle in George's eyes to show that he knew why I was blushing. Why would I be bulshing anyway? I love Cedric and George only means it in a caring way.
"Well you're partly right. This friday you're going on a blind date, Your date which has been specifically seleted by me!"
"What?" I looked at his face and instead of he seemed to be angry with me. "What if I don't want to date? What if I already fancy someone or am going out with someone that you didn't know about?"
I gave him a moent to cool down and I could see the anger leave his face.
"Are you trying to tell me something? Do you play for the other team now or something?" George couldn't help but laugh. His impish grin was stretched across his face.
"Look here I'm still angry at you"
"Then why are you smiling?"
With that he chased after me and I ran away. And I ran straight into Professor Snape.
"Watch where your going --(surname)---." His nasealy voice said.
"Sorry sir." I could tell George was just arouind the corner avoiding this whole Smape thing.
"Ten points form Gryffindor." With that he walked away. As soon as he was gone I circuled round and found George laughing his head off around the corner.
"That wasn't funny!" It's now my time to be cross.
"Oh come on are you telling me if the roles had been reversed you wouldn't be laughing at my misfortune?" He had a point.
I slid down to the floor next to him and we just sat their watching the world go by. Hogwarts was etched in history and mystery but right now I couldn't care less. I was living in the moment and just enjoying George's company. His ginger hair didn't look ginger but a golden abmer which went amazingly well with his emerald eyes. His white teeth were perfect and they matched his well sculpted lip. His face looked so soft, I wanted to reach out and touch it but instead I reached for his hand and we just sat. Listen to each others breathing. Sometimes I felt his gaze on me and other times I looked at him.
I don't know how long we were there for but I couldn't care.
"Hi ---, I'm not interupting anything am I?" I looked up to see Cedric standing over me. I jumped off the floor -letting go of George's hand- and gave him a huge hug.
"Where have you been?I haven't heard from you."
"Sorry I've had things on but I'm here now and I was wondering if you would care to join me at Hogsmeade in two weeks time."
"Two weeks? I don't think I can wait."
"Well you'll have to but I do have to admit the grounds are lovely and I was wondering if you want to go on a walk with me?"
"Why Cedric I would love to." I took his hand and was about to leave when someone coughed behind me. Of course George was still there. This was a little weird now. I turned round and as best I could I tryed to talk with my eyes : sorry, sorry, sorry talk to when I get back but I haven't seen him in a whole week.
George got the message I think and without another word he left. I felt horrible and mean but I had to forget that now. I'm sure if-I mean when- the date goes well on friday, he'll ditch me plenty of times for his girlfriend.
I followed Cedric out into the grounds and we enjoyed a long lersuirely stroll.
Towards the end my thoughts became distracted. We had just passsed the blossom tree and I couldn't help but think of George and how mean I had been to him. Cedric seemed to sense my distraction.
"Is everything okay?" We had stopped walking. We were standing under the tree, hand in hand. I love Cedric but this was mine and George's tree and it didn't feel right being here with Cedric espically after I ditched George.
"It's nothing."
"It's obviously something, Do you not trust me? Come on, please. What kind of a boyfriend am I if when my girlfriend is upset and I can't help her or chose to ignore it?"
"It's just George."Cedric eyes hardened but his smiled remained."I'm worried because I ditched him early.Not that I'm not happy that I'm out with you it's just that I feel like we're becoming seperate and I don't want that to happen."
"I understand" I couldn't read his eyes but I knew that he trusted.He didn't need to trust me this time as there is nothing going on between me and George.We're brother/sister love, not girl/boyfriend.Wel I had been enjoying his company more lately.Wait! What am I saying. I love Cedric George was a friend.
"Look it's getting late, do what you need to do with George but all I ask is that you just think about me and you for these last few minutes before we reach the commen rooms" Cedric said in a firm voice. He was right I needed to think about here and now.
I kissed him goodnight and when I got in the common room I saw Fred sitting with Lee Jordan by the fire.
"Hey Fred, have you seen George anywhere?" I asked.
"He's up in the bedroom just a warning he look a little upset last time I saw him. Anything to do with you?"
I left before I answered the question feeling heat in my cheeks.
I knocked on the door before I entered. A slightly happy come in followed. As I walked in I saw George reading a book. Book? Since when did George read?
"Look about early I'm sor-"
"It's okay forget it. Anyway about this blind date your hufflepuff girl revealed herself as I came upstairs. Vanessa Figs Thank you. I know she likes people who are clever so henceforth the book." It all came out as one big jumble. His eyes never left the book.
"I was slightly worried. Well I'm off to bed, once again I'-"
"Don't let the bed bugs bite" I left the room and went across the hall up the stairs and into mine. I lay on my bed thinking how much it hurt to be ignored by George. I know it was always our thing about bed bugs and scary Ron about them when were younger but to interupt me before I had said the line was low. I knew he was angry at me but that is low. You have personal jokes with friends and you never insult them like that. It was clear that U had upset George deeply but I don't know why. There is something else. Acting like a jerk is one thing but there's got to be something else to cause him to ruin our private joke. You may think I'm over reacting but I you wouldn't understand unless you were in on it. It's that speacial only I and George know, Fred doesn't even have a clue.
I don't know why it hurt me like it did but I needed to make it better so tomorrow I put my "get-George-happy-again-and -forgive me" plan into action. With that in mind I feel asleep with George in my mind and I had never slept better!

Author : Okay hoped you like it, might take me awhile to put Fred on but if you think it's stupid or too cheesy let me know and I'll make adjustments for next time.


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