Zuko's Princess? (Zuko LS)

It will kind of follow the story but not much. I just like to be creative with stories (: So enjoy!
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Chapter 1

Out of Curiosity

by: Tease_
I hate benders I thought to myself, I was sitting on an old creaky bench in the village I was raised in, El pueblo de lunas, The village of moons. In my head I heard my mother and father telling me not to stay up to late. I was 15 of course I'm not going to listen to them. I felt my blue eyes tearing up in the wind, and my dark brown hair whipping across my face. I stood and looked at my village one more time, the ice melted and the igloos broken to pieces the proud water tribe flag cut and burned to the ground. The picture frames broken to pieces the enemies foot prints and the burned barely see-able picture of my mother and father, they were really gone. Sigh I had cried all morning, but I was sicking of crying, revenge that was my answer. The Firebenders, must be hurt as badly as I have. I got up from the crispy burnt bench and walked towards what was left of our igloo home. I didn't know what I would do exactly but I knew enough about them that I could quickly figure it out.
I had a tough time sleeping that night as I awoke in the middle of the night from a dream, The Avatar I thought, I will take him, and Kill him. but first I must find him. I was in my night gown thinking of how I should find him I thought about going to Ba Sing Se to try and find them there, but the village was so big I wouldn't be able to. I thought of my plans over and over until it was settled. I would befriend Prince Zuko, the one who destroyed my village. The flaming hatred flared up at the thought of it, but I must, if I don't the avatar will never be in reach of arms length. I fell asleep thinking of the wonderful excitement it would be when I finally kill him and see the hurt on Zukos face when his father will never love him again.
I opened my eyes to a warm, sunny day. The grownups picking up the rubble and the kids looking sad and sorrow. My mom and dad no where to be found, no surprise there. I had work to do and lots of it. I grabbed my remaining clothes my water pouch and my fish scale backpack. The sturdiest of all backpacks by the way. I grabbed the amulet my mom gave to me, the last thing she gave to me. I grabbed a knife and a well crafted sword, made of fish bones of course. I grabbed my sleeping bag and sneakily approached a row boat. I threw my things in and was on my way soon enough. I gave one last look at the little island and wished it goodbye and good luck.
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Although my water bending was poor I could still move the boat with it. I grew tired of nothing but ocean, until I seen a Fire Tribe ship. My blue eyes widened I grabbed my things and shoved them in my bag. They were turning my way I water bended toward a small ice island and tried to hide though they were still nearing me I seen fire benders on the edge of the ship. I fell into the water by accident my backpack dragging me under, I yelled.
"Help!" I yelled once more but was only gurgling the water that was pulling me under. As embarrassing as it was to be a member of the water tribe and not be able to swim I was still expecting them to get me, maybe they won't think I'm from the water tribe I thought. I passed out in the water from lack of oxygen. Minutes, or hours later, I couldn't tell but I knew I was on the ship. I opened my eyes and found myself in a cell. I gripped the bars and shook them. I remembered my bag and quickly looked for it, it was gone. I heard foot steps and yelling. I slid up against the wall with little light shining on my face. I seen someone with their hood on, he looked up, I seen the scar. Jackpot I thought. Just perfect.
"Come with me" The prince said, opening the cell doors. "and quickly" I walked after him with my legs barely staying pace with his. He let his shaggy hair down from the pony tail he had it in. He grabbed my scaled bag off the table and thrusted it at my chest.
"Are you coming or what" I looked at him with disgust in my eyes and followed him once more down the stairs and to the deck. He pushed me into a smaller boat, lowered it down and jumped in when it neared the bottom.
A little while later we were in a village. A water bending village. Perfect I thought now I can overtake him if I need to. I walked with Zuko reluctantly.
"Take this money and grab supplies, like food."
"We can get that later can't we? From nature or something." I said rolling my eyes.
"Are you joking? you can barely swim, so how are we suppose to catch anything."
"It's called..." I didn't want to give away my water bending so I kept my mouth shut "never mind" I muttered
"Whats your name anyway?"
"Emmalyn, and yours."
"I am prince Zuko, but you should already know that"
"Okay prince smart asss"
His golden eyes glared into my ice blue ones. I rolled my eyes and took the money. I started towards the butcher. When I reached the butcher, the man was big and scruffy I thought he would murder someone...how ironic.
"could I uh have a few pounds of meat please?"
"Of course young lady" I smiled and handed him the money.
"Thank you, have a good day." His yellow teeth were then uncovered by his lips with a smile he nodded. I walked back to the meeting spot not finding Zuko there I started to explore. I had a feeling this would be a long adventure to find the Avatar.
How was it? Was it okay? I don't really know! Comment please!?!?

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