Tough Love (Hogwarts Story) Part 10

Tough Love (Hogwarts Story) Part 10

k...I haven't written one of these in a while so it probably wont be as good as I wanted it to be, but still...:DDD
hope u'll like it

Chapter 1


George pulled me to the hall and gestured me to follow him "Be quiet"
I stopped at the end of the hall "Are you nutz? Where are we going??"
I felt Fred grabbing me and he practically carried me down the stares. "Shhh, you'll get us caught, and George and I already have a detention for this week, we don't need another one. Yet. Oh, and we're going to the kitchen."
I murmured something to my self and he chuckled but wouldn't let me go.

We walked (well, technically, I was carried) for about ten minutes when we stopped infront of a big painting on the center of the wall. It was pretty dark, but I think we were somewhere in the basement cause I saw the entrance to the Hufflepuff's Common.
"Um...I know there's fruit on this picture, but I'm not sure it counts as a kitchen."
They smiled "Wait."
George petted the painting and it made a squeaky sound before moving a side to let us pass. I followed them through the hall that painting revealed and into a huge loud room.

The kitchen was full of house elves in hurry, their yells and swears and pots kicking one in another. There were about dozen of tables in the center of the room filled with food and drinks and every minute an elf would pass by and put another plate down. I never saw anything like this, it was so... exciting!
"Close your mouth, Joan." Fred teased "There's Baeltae, she'll get us something to eat." Who's Baeltae?
I followed them to a stoke by which an older female elf was sitting by. She had long gray hair picked up and wrinkles around her eyes and mouth, but her eyes and smile were so welcoming, almost motherly. It seemed that she knew the twins well, it probably wasn't their first time to come here for a midnight snack. She led us to an empty table and brought us some apple pies that made my mouth water immediately.
"Enjoy, dears. There's more when you finish." She smiled kindly and got back to her work.

When we finished (we ate about five pies. Each.) we couldn't move an inch.
"Okay, this is the last time I'm eating pies at one in the morning" George said holding his stomach.
"Yeah, you said that last the time too."
"Wait, how often do you guys come here to eat?"
They exchanged looks "Well...almost every night...and sometimes when we're hungry between classes..." How can they eat that much??
"So did you find this place?" they exchanged looks "Um...we had some help... Did you have fun?" George asked. I smiled at his attempt to change the subject "Yeah, it was..."
"Ehm! Professor Dumbldore! How are you?" Baeltae's high voice came from the hall. Dumbledore? We exchanged quick looks and bended down the table. Would he give us detention? - I mean, he was doing the same thing we was. Well, he is the headmaster... Better not risk it.
"We need to there a cabinet or something?" I whispered looking around the room for something to hide in.
"Um...I think they have a pantry there" Fred pointed to a door few feet away.
"Okay, let's hide there, but stay bent down" We quickly got to the door and we crashed into a dark room. " Lumos! " George lighted the room with his wand and we looked around. The pantry was small and filled with every kinds of flavors, snacks and spices that made me sneeze a few times.
"Shh." I heard a chuckle behind me but George turned off the light so I couldn't see who it was.
"It's not my fault, there's too much spices... aphooh" Now there were two chuckles.
"It's not... aphooh ...funny!" I started laughing with them and covered my nose to stop my self from sneezing again.
"Guys...I think we can go out now...Joan, try to open the door." I turned towards the door but I hit something
"Sorry, George." I could hear Fred's chuckle from the corner of the room.
"You have mice again, Baeltae?" I froze when I heard Dumbledore's voice coming from the other side of the door. "I'll ask Filch to lend us his dear Miss Norris..."
Dear? I mean, I love cats, but she's more of an annoying sibling that follows your every step and tells on you, than a cat.
"Ofcourse, professor, that would be really useful..." Baeltae chuckled "Here are your lemons and, I don't mean to be rude, but we need to make breakfast for tomorrow, and you're just in the way..."
"Of course, of course...thank you again on these sweets. Oh, and please don't tell Minerva about this because she was..." his voice slowly faded so he must have left the kitchen.
"I think he's gone" I whispered
We slowly got out and hid behind the closest table "Can you see anything?" I asked Fred who was looking over at the room "No....I think we can go now...Come on, before he gets back."
When we finally got out, the hall was empty but the torches were all lightened, Professor Dumbledore must have left the kitchen just seconds ago. "Let's get back to the tower, I cant run with this much pie in my stomach" George sighed and we agreed - it's much easier to escape Filch when you're not carrying 4 pounds of food in you.

We were somewhere on the third floor when we heard Severus' voice "If I find out you've been there, I'll..." Oh no. He heard us.
"Run!" I squealed and we headed to the end of the hall. We need to hide somewhere, now!
"Here, quick!" George grabbed me and Fred and pulled us in a room.
We heard footsteps and stopped breathing. If he finds us, we're loosing a lot of house points and getting a lot of detention. I'll probably get double more than Fred and George.
"I think he left" George whispered
"Let's stay here for a bit, just in case. Where do you think he went?"
While they were talking I finally turned to see the room. "Um, guys?" "Yeah, J... Whoa! "
The room was really really big - so big that we couldn't see the end of it. By the walls, it had cabins and toilets, and big lockers. I opened one of them and bunch of brooms fell out. I looked at twins faces, but they were as confused as I was.
"Wow. Look at that!" I looked at where George was pointing and gasped. In the center of the room was the biggest pool I've ever seen. It was filled with all kinds of fish and sea animals, most of which I've never seen before. It was amazing. "Do you think there are mermaids here?" I asked wondered by all the creatures I saw.
"Probably. I mean, there are mermaids in the Black Lake, why wouldn't they be here too."
"There are? I didn't know that. Have you seen any?"
"Ofcourse..." they started telling me a story of how they went on a date with one, but I stopped believing them after the part where they "had to leave the mermaid's party cause the giant squid and her friends complained about the loud music".

I yawned and opened my eyes. I was lying on the couch in the Common room. It was probably early morning cause the sky was still pretty dark. I looked down and saw Fred and George sleeping on the ground next to the couch, they must have fallen a sleep while talking by the fire But how did I appeared here?
I stood up carefully not to wake them, put the blanket I was covered with over them and went for a long shower.


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