Look Alive Sunshine! (killjoy fan fic!)

ok so everyone knows that im obsessed with my favorite band: My Chemical Romance.
so i decided to make a fan fic! about the killjoys! (im in it to!)

here are the characters:
Gerard Way: Party Poison
Mikey Way: Kobra Kid
Frank Iero: Fun Ghoul
Ray Toro: Jet Star
Aira (me): Bulletproof Romance

Chapter 3

Give em Hell Kid!

i let out a bloody murder scream......................................the thing all of the sudden disappeared. Mikey held me. i closed my eyes. i heard something move behind me, i quickly turned to see who or what it was then out of nowhere all the lights came on. i turned around "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY AND AIRA!!" they yelled. mikey and i looked at each other in surprise. it was Gerard and Ray but frank was nowhere to be found. Ray ran up and hug both me and mikey. "happy birthday!" he said "thanks" mikey and i said in unison. before mikey or i could say anything we were in a head-lock. "happy birthday guys!" said frank. (thats one of his ways of hugging) "liked the little scare i gave you two?" he let us go "no!" said Mikey "you nearly scared her to death!" mikey said "well ya i knew that! that was the whole point!" frank joked "ha ha ha well very funny! dont make me take away your drinks" i threatened. "no! please dont! im sorry!" he ran up hugged me and gave me a sloppy kiss on the check. "love ya!" "alright guys thats enough" Gerard smiled. he came up and hugged mikey "Happy birthday bro!" "thanks" mikey grinned. Gerard turned around and gave me a hug "happy sweet 15!" he laughed "thank you!" i smiled. "are we gonna party or what?" frank whined. i looked at mikey. "GIVE EM HELL KID!" we said in unison! we turned up the music and started dancing, head-banging, air guitar (mostly frank, he ended up air guitaring on the floor) and rocking out. we cut the cake (it was rainbow cake! and it tasted amazing!) we opened presents (i got an awesome shirt with the widow on it, mikey got a sparkly bass!). it was an awesome birthday. i began helping out with the cleaning, i washed the dishes, and had my ipod on. out of nowhere i got hip-bumped hard. "FRANK!" i turned and gave him a look. "sor-ry! gosh u dont have to be so bitter!" he laughed. "im not bitter! i was just distracted" i said "you know you shouldn't have your ipod to loud" he teased "wow look whos talking" i joked "watcha listening to?" before i could say he yanked the headphone outta my ear. "GET UP AND GO! WHO THEY WANT YOU TO BE!" he danced and sang tone-def. i joined him "YOUR UNBELIEVABLE AH! SO UNBELIEVABLE OH YOU RUIN EVERYTHING OH YOU BETTER GO HOME!" we sang. Gerard came in and had a weird expression on his face. frank and i looked at each other and busted out laughing. "Aira you've been hanging around frank to much" he said "HEY! wats wrong with hanging out with me?!" he whined "she'll end up like you!" Gerard teased. "oh wats the worst that can happen?" frank asked "well.......she could get a ton of tattoos and become an even more sneakier prankster!" Gerard laughed "ok i think we ALL know ima get a tattoo sooner or later no doubt about that!" i laughed "your right" gerard said "its getting late guys we should go to bed" "ok" i smiled "so long and goodnight!" frank ran to his room (skipped actually) "good night hon" gerard gave me a good night hug. ...........................................next morning

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