Look Alive Sunshine! (killjoy fan fic!)

ok so everyone knows that im obsessed with my favorite band: My Chemical Romance.
so i decided to make a fan fic! about the killjoys! (im in it to!)

here are the characters:
Gerard Way: Party Poison
Mikey Way: Kobra Kid
Frank Iero: Fun Ghoul
Ray Toro: Jet Star
Aira (me): Bulletproof Romance

Chapter 2


crash everything went black for a second. "Aira? Aira are you ok?!" mikey panicked. i was gasping for air, i opened my eyes "ya...i think so. you?" i slowly looked at mikey. "what happened?" i asked "we crashed with the BL/ind motorcycle the drac tried to kill us but he died in the accident" mikey looked ghostly pale. no serious damage was done to the car. "i'll call back up ok?" "ok" mikey said looking of into space. back up came and took the body and motorcycle. mikey and i looked at each other in shock. all of thee sudden mikeys eyes got wide. "Aira your head!" he pointed i gave him a confused look. "your bleeding!" i reached over to touch my head. i felt warm liquid on the side of my head "really? ugh! its my effin birthday and i got blood alover my head and hair!" mikey giggled "why are you giggling?" i smiled "oh nothing...just..well i find it funny that you have a cut on your head and you are worried about your hair" he laughed. i rolled my eyes. "hand me a water bottle please" mikey grabbed a water bottle and tossed it to me. i opened it and poured it allover my head. i got in the car and grabbed the bandages from the glove compartment. i looked in the mirror, the cut was a little bit above my eyebrows. i put the band-aid on. "see all better theres nothing Bulletproof Romance cant take!" i laughed. we use our killjoy names just for the heck of it! mikey laughed, "ok Bulletproof, we know, we should be on our way now" we got in the car and headed towards zone 6. we parked on the side on the rode and sat there looking out for dracs. i looked at mikey "you know whats a bad idea?" "what" he said "wearing skinny jeans in summertime! my legs are on fire!" i pointed to my legs. "want me to throw water on em?" mikey joked "ha ha ha very funny." i reached over and got our food. opened the sour patch kids bag and grabbed a coke. "want some?" i handed the snacks over to mikey. "thanks hon" he smiled "your welcome kobra!" as we drove home we turned on the radio. it started making a static noise "uh mikey we are getting a transmission" "hm? oh right!" he adjusted the radio. we waited then Dr.Deathdefying's voice came through "look alive sunshine! just wanted to say good night tumble weeds and give a shout out to Mikey and Aira for going on look out today. we killjoys thank you so much for keeping us safe and we also wanna wish u both a very "dangerous" birthday. this is Dr.D signing off!" the radio went silent and the song "summertime" came on. as we pulled up to the house all the lights were turned off. Gerard, Frank and Ray's car were gone. Mikey and i looked at each other confused. "where did they go?" i asked. "well..they probably went to get more beer, frank kept stealing rays" Mikey laughed "ya your right he is pretty sneaky, i remember last Wednesday morning he tried to distract me and steal my coffee, but i caught him and slapped his hand hard" i giggled "so that was the loud smack i heard!" mikey said "wow you maybe 4'8 but u can do some serious damage!" we laughed and headed for the house. we walked in side and it was pitch black. my eyes started to adjust, i saw something move "whos there i asked?" i grabbed my ray gun. the thing kept getting closer "mikey? Mikey where are you?" i panicked "right here" he held my hand. the thing kept getting closer and closer it was leaning towards me and stretched out his arm to the wall, like it was getting something. "go away" i whispered, it leaned in. i let out a bloody murder scream.........................................

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