Look Alive Sunshine! (killjoy fan fic!)

ok so everyone knows that im obsessed with my favorite band: My Chemical Romance.
so i decided to make a fan fic! about the killjoys! (im in it to!)

here are the characters:
Gerard Way: Party Poison
Mikey Way: Kobra Kid
Frank Iero: Fun Ghoul
Ray Toro: Jet Star
Aira (me): Bulletproof Romance

Chapter 1

Look Alive Sunshine!

beep beep beep
the digital clock read 4:30 am!
ugh! it sucks being on look out on your birthday!
i looked over at Gerard, he still passed out asleep on the couch.
i threw a pillow at him "OW! wtf Aira!" he seemed cranky"look alive sunshine!" i smiled
"that means get your lazy @!$ up!" "rawr! someones in a bad mood" i gave him a look. "well ya...kinda" i told him "why? you should be happy, its your birthday! your turning 15!" he smiled. "well ya i know but whats a better way then spending your birthday being on look out for dracs and BL/ind!" i said "its Mikey's birthday to you know" he said quietly. "well of course i know! hes also on look out today so that a bonus!" i smiled. he got off the couch and headed for the kitchen. "ima warm up some power pups want one?" he asked "um..ya leave it in the can and put a spoon in it kay?" "alright hon, oh can u wake up Mikey?" he asked "sure!" he walked over gave me a quick birthday hug and kissed my head. as i walked over to Mikey's room frank scared me. "RAWR!" i let out a bloody murder scream. "FRANK YOU SCARED THE LIVING $H!* OUT OF ME!" i gasped "HAPPY FVCKING BIRTHDAY AIRA!" he gave me a big hug and nearly chocked me to death. "ease up on the squeezing ok?" he put his hands up in surrender, smiled and walked away. i walked into Mikey's room. "Mikey you awake?" i whispered. he rose from the bed, his hair screwed up. "happy birthday" he said sleepy "happy birthday to you to" i smiled. it grew quiet then i heard Mikey's stomach growl. "is there anything to eat?" he rubbed his stomach. "um ya Gerard's warming up the power pups" i said "ew isnt there anything else to eat around here?" he whined "yes i got sour patch kids, sour bright crawlies chips and some cokes. but! those are for this afternoon while we are on look out, eat any before that and your hand comes off!" we looked at each other and busted out laughing. "for some reason i believe you" he giggled. "hurry up and get dressed" i gave him a quick birthday hug and went to my room to get dressed. i slid on my black skinny jeans, shredded red shirt, boots put on my gun belt and got my ,mask. i walked over to the kitchen when i got a full face of hair. i knew who it was right away, Ray. "oh! im so sorry Aira didnt see you there, happy birthday" he hugged me. "mind watching were your going short people live here!" i joked. he smiled sweetly and walked away. i skipped towards the kitchen. "hi Gerard!" i said "hey there hon, here is you power pup and here's mikey's. oh and careful there a little hot" he wrapped a napkin around both of the cans put a spoon in them and handed them to me. "is Mikey ready yet?" i asked "im right here!" i said. i turned and he was right behind me. "you ready to go yet birthday boy?" i handed him his power pup. "ya" he said with a mouth full. "ok, just let me go get our food n stuff and we can go" he gave a thumbs up in approval. i got our stuff. "alright Mikey lets go" "ok" as we walked out side we heard Gerard, Frank and Ray yelled "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKEY AND AIRA!" mikey and i looked at each other and smiled. we got in the car and headed to zone 6. "turn up the radio please" i asked he turned up the radio and we sang and head banged to Na Na Na. as we were driving a BL/ind motorcycle passed by and shot the car "FVCK!" i screamed "MIKEY LOOK OUT!"................................ crash

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