Faulty Test(s) At Premanant Science

Chapter 1


Shots were heard over in the reasearch facility. The new group of Humunculi were being trained in the art of war. These were tests A through M, manipulating their magic to form weapons, such as cannons, lasers, bazookas, and rifles.
Project Cream was readying her gun, them shot at the robot drodes. Six of them down in one shot. Nice. She saw her friend, Project Marrel, being attacked. Blood dripped from his arm.
"I got your back!" she called, firing a missile launcher she created. The twenty or so drodes now lay smoking on the ground, getting crushed underfoot.
"Those two have skills."
"They will fight against Danland, so soon?"
"We need the troops. Or our country will perish."
"Yes, sir." The overseer pressed the interom. "Will Cream and Marrel report to the watch tower?"


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