TAG: Fun Facts that You Might Not Know About Me Revised

Now make your own once your done reading mine

Chapter 1

20 Fun Facts

1. My middle name is super boring, Ann.
2. I was born in London, England.
3. I have lived in four countries total, England, Ireland, Germany, and The United States which is where I am currently.
4. I used to have a British accent :O
5. I know someone famous personally. My friend has a band called TwentyforSeven and they've been on a tv show and opened for Gym Class Heros
6. I am pretty much obsessed with Harry Potter. Went to the Deathly Hallows Part 1 Midnight Premiere and we were the first people in line!....well cause we came seven hours early and camped out in the theater!
7. I have had a first love, my best friend fourth grade through the summer going into high school...but it is not my current boyfriend right now :/
8. I have never been stung by a bee...and don't plan to be either :D
9. I have A.D.D., not severely but it makes it super hard to focus sometimes.
10. I've never broken anything..well if fracturing doesn't count.
11. There is a slight chance that I am related to Pocohontas says my grandma cause she is a certain percent native american and from the same tribe she was!
12. I have fifty five cousins on my mom's side..yes i have counted! (this may be due to the fact that she was one out of eleven kids)
13. I never knew my mom's mom. She died when my mom was eight :/
14. My favorite kiddie tv show from when I was little is a four way tie between Out Of the Box, Zoom, and PB and J Otter, and Rolie Polie Ollie.
15. The only pet I have ever had is a fish.
16. I will try any food, I may not like it, but I will try just about anything.
17. I have NEVER done drugs, smoked, or gotten drunk under age and don't plan too either. Above the influence!
18. I love heights. So far I have been in trees, on roofs, and on schafoldings (:
19. I get super quiet and akward when it comes to my feelings.
20. Sometimes I get insecure but I love who I am and would never want to change that!


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