Daughter to Father

Daughter to Father

....box of tissues and sad music....

Chapter 1

Make you wanna just cry

I'll wait forever until you return
Why you had to go like that?
Mommy is dying inside
Brother is distant and cold
Yet i'm broken but smiling

Since you have been gone..
Mommy throws things and smash all memory of you
Brother hopes you fall down a hole of fire
I just cling onto the teddy you gave me

You were a bad daddy....
Mommy hates you
Brother hates you
I love you...

You hit mommy
You pushed brother
You sweared at me
But i huged you
You cried...

Say what you want
Do what you want
Your mine
My farther..daddy..papa
I love you

Mommy's heart is black and blue
Brother's heart is just black
My heart is bleeding red...come back to me..
I'm your little girl..

You get a call by devastated mommy
You droped the phone and onto your knees
Their was a inccident...

Mommy drunk and deeply in pain..lost focus of the road...
Bruised and unable to walk now
Brother ended up in a coma...

You demand to see your kids..
But the doctor says their is only one in the patient room
The police gives you a bloody teddy bear to identify...
You scream with tears, punching and shoving things at the walls

You stand at a grave, in deep emotional shock
Holding tight onto the teddy bear
I love you daddy forever...
You left me though...
Now i left you in return but wont return....


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