This is a story about a new age an age where the darkness smothers the light this is the age where the dragons do only ones willl if they want this is the Dragon Age.

Chapter 1

A start of a new War

King Richard shifted restlesly upon the beautiful oak wood of his throne. Lazy a purple dragon guarding a purple stone cracked open an eye. Lazys eyes snapped open and he rose quicker than imanged before he snarled "intruder." Lazy let out an ear-splitting roar with harmless flames licking the edges of his scaly mouth. The guards rushed foreward to revel evil orcs that had one last look of surprise on his face before they were burnt to a crisp by a very protective Lazy, who once again curled around the kings chair with the purple gem stone resting between his claws.
As the day dragged on a man or a traveler by the name of Rohan walked in to seek council with the king. By then Lazys brothers had returned and taking a relaxing nap. When Rohan saw Lazy he drew his sword causing Lazy to raise his massive form and snaked his head to the kings lap snarling. "There, There my friend, he's just seeking my councial." He asked the strangers name and didn't answer until he gave Lazy on last wary look. " My name Rohan,and who is this beautiful creature." King Richard stroked Lazys head lovenly and said in a booming voice "he would like to tell you himself." Lazy studied the well built traveler before saying in a gravely voice "My name is Lazy." The stranger started at his voice and said "may I approach your master Dragon?" Lazy considered this propalsal for a moment and said "leave your weapons with the guards and you may approach." As he unstrapped his weapons he looked at the dragon and tthe stone at his feet and thought that he was very protective one of the oldest dragons in the world beside his father Ragnak. Amoung the clan was guilty, Lazy, steel and Roan the runt of the litter. He approached the king and knelt down to one knee under the watchful eye of Lazy.
Lazy stood to greet his father not moving away from the throne and still keeping a watchful eye on the traveler. He grumbled contentdly as his father nuzzeled his neck. Rohan looked in admierration as Ragnak his his black scales glittering turned towards him as Lazy made himself comfortable. Gulity suddenly appeared with the green gemstone in the crook of his tail. Guilty nuzzeled Lazy affcetionly and hunkered down next to his father who grumbled happily. Gulity was still only a baby at least two moons old. Steel lay in the corner of the room his blue scales glittering off the walls casting an eerie glow over the room. Rhoan tried to get closer to the king but yelped and jumped back in surpirse as flames shot from Lazys nostrils. Roan was also curled withn the tail of his father. Guilty tried to mimic only getting a jet of smoke causing laughter amoung the coven. Lazy growled and showed his teeth to the traveler who backed away amd raised his hands in a peace geasture. " I need a place to stay our country is being torn apart by orcs."
End of Chapter 1

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