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This isn't a story. Get that through your head now. It's just a blog, giving you updates on how I'm doing...kind of like a diary, minus the mushy crap.

Chapter 1


Well, everyone knows I joined Artemis and her archer chicks, right? Well, that kinda sucks cuz I have to swear off guys, for, like, ''ever.'' Not that I've met any body I'm interested in-yet. But now I don't even get the chance. But I suppose-compared to Percy, anyway-I got it easy!
See, he's supposedly the kid in some big prophecy. If he lives to sixteen, then he has to, like, save the world from a war with Kronos-you know, the Titan dude who's my grandpa? Father of all the Big Three? Whatever-and he has no clue how he's gonna do that.
At least, he didn't last time I checked on him. Which was actually a while ago. Don't get me wrong, it's awesome being a bad-azz archer who never ages, but I miss seeing my friends, and I'm so sad cuz I didn't even get to flirt with this totally hot guy I saw the other day. I also miss my friends so much...sure, I check in on them, but I miss hanging out with them whenever I wanted, and I miss making goo-goo eyes at dudes without getting reprimanded by a Goddess...Hell, the only thing I ''don't'' miss is fearing I'm gonna have to save the world like Percy supposedly has to(if he survives, I hope he and Annabeth finally hook up...I mean, serioulsy-they need to get a move on already!)
Oh, and I have this kinda-sorta pet. It's an owl that started following me around. Even when I ditch it, he always finds me again! So I decided to keep him. He's black with these little white speckles on his wings and tail feathers, so I'm thinking of calling him Dominoe. Is that too corny?
Well, this is getting waaay too long. I don't usually talk this much. In fact, I'm normally pretty subdued. But it was nice to talk like this. Whatever...shutting up now.

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