The Love of a Fallen Angel

I'm sorry if you find this book a too religious or that you think that I have too strong of an oppinion. I just thought of this and thought of writing it. Hope you like it:)

Chapter 9

What You Don't Want to Hear

by: Haystacks
I squeezed my eyes shut hoping it was all just a dream. Once I opened them he was gone. My heart was beating out of my chest as I looked around. I couldn't see anything far from my tree because it was pitch black. I sat there quietly too afraid to slip in the dark coming down. I thought I was alone when I heard someone say my name right by ear.
I sit up quickly almost falling off the branch. "W-who's there?"
"Do you not recognize my voice?" It sounded higher this time.
"N-n-no..." I answered looking above trying to find who the voice belonged to.
"Why, I'm your father."
"Yes indeed."
I kept looking around. "If you are then show yourself!" I was starting to panic. It couldn't really be my dad.... Could it?
"I'm afraid I can't do that."
"Why not...?"
"Because I'm God."
....I sat there for a bit not saying anything. What the hell? Is this guy a loon?
"You don't remember your past." He sounded right in front of me now. I backed up as close to the tree's trunk as I could get.
"What do you mean? I remember as much as anyone does."
"Do you remember the sins you have done and the price you have paid for them? Or the fact you are really an angel?"
"You're crazy!"
"You have truly forgotten. I guess birth does much to an angel's memory. Angel isn't just your name."
"I-If you don't leave I'll call Sister Terrace! Y-you'll be sorry!"
He laughs. "Threatening God at a Catholic school. That's smart." He sounded like he was moving away.
"Y-you better leave. I'm warning you!"
There was no response. I waited for anything and there was not. He must have left. I started to relax.
"You still have a lot of debt to pay." He was right next to my ear. I screamed and fell off the branch and plummeted to the hard ground below.

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