The Love of a Fallen Angel

I'm sorry if you find this book a too religious or that you think that I have too strong of an oppinion. I just thought of this and thought of writing it. Hope you like it:)

Chapter 7


by: Haystacks
"No!" I screamed running up to Jared as they pulled him into the hospital truck.
"Sweetie. I'm gonna have to ask you to stay here" A buff man wearing all white said as he was about to close the door.
"Please. Please let me come with" I begged.
"Sorry, miss" And he shut the door. The truck sped away leaving me to weep alone in the parking lot.
Jared had climbed up the tree again a couple weeks after our first kiss and was attacked by a squirell that lived up there. Startled he fell out. His face was all scratched up and he landed on his right side.
My chest hurt. I needed to be there with him to see if he would be alright.
Ms. Uri, the math teacher, came out and helped me inside whispering soothing words to me making me cry harder and more painfully. I couldn't talk. I could barely move.
She let me go when we got to my room and I walked in all by myself to find all four of my roomates waiting for me. I wiped the tears from my face forcing my breathing to go back to normal.
Dianne came up to me and slapped me right across the face. "This is all your fault!" She screamed and walked away and all the girls followed leaving me to cowar on the ground with tear streaked face sobbing hopelessly.

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