The Love of a Fallen Angel

I'm sorry if you find this book a too religious or that you think that I have too strong of an oppinion. I just thought of this and thought of writing it. Hope you like it:)

Chapter 3

When Roommates Strike

by: Haystacks
I stopped at the water fountain on the way to my dorm room. Big mistake. I opened the door to my room and found my roomates standing there with not happy faces and the one with red hair I came to know as Jackie was twirling the cord on the phone and blew a bubble from her gum.
"Jared called asking for you" Dianne the blonde one said.
"Um, yeah. He said he would call" I said feeling a little nervous.
"How do you Jared?" Jackie asked.
"I fell in the hallway and..."
"She fell in the hallway. Uh, poor baby" Harper joked and all four of them laughed.
"What did you say to him?" I asked.
"Oh. Nothing. We just said you left campus to go shopping" Dianne said.
"Tell her what for. Tell her what for" Lillianna asaid jumping up and down.
"For cigars. Your a smoker, arent you? That's why you have red eyes, right?" Dianne smirked.
"Oh God. You didn't" I said.
"Don't say Gods name in vain!" Harper scolded.
"And yes we did" Dianne said.
I ripped the phone out of Jackie's hand and dialed Jared's number. While it was ringing I locked myself in the bathroom hoping the other girls wouldn't hear my conversation.
"Hello?" Answered a rough voice.
"Hi. Is Jared their?" I asked.
"No. He left a while ago. Something about a visit"
"Thanks" And I hung up. I walked out of the bathroom to find the girls still looking at me.
"What did he say?" Lillianna asked.
"Nothing. He wasn't there" And I set down the phone and picked up "Lord of the Rings and started reading but was interupted by a knock on the door.
I stayed put and glued my eyes back to my book.
"Hello?" I heared Dianne's nasilly voice say when she opened the door.
"Jared!" I heard a squeal from Lillianna and she bounded over to the door.
I set my book down on my bed and walked over as slowly as possible trying not to make a scene.
"Is, um... Angel there?" He asked.
"We told you. She's at the store" Dianne said.
"Then why is she standing right behind you?" Jared said and both Dianne and Lilliana turned around and gave me the death stare.
"Hi" I said.
"Hi" Jared said.
Dianne walked away grumbling to herself and pulled Lilliana along with her.
"Um..." I said looking back at them.
"I know. I just came to see if what they said is true"
"It's not. I promise you" I said.
"Well, the guys in my dorm wanted to have an all night marathon of "Lord of the Rings" tonight and I was just wondering if you wanted to join" Jared said.
"I don't know. It is a school night"
"Please? The guys may never let this happed again" He made a puppy dog face.
"Okay" I saw his face light up. "On one condition"
"What is it?"
"You do your best Gollum voice"
"Okay, deal. See you around eight?"
"You remember my room number?"

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