The Love of a Fallen Angel

I'm sorry if you find this book a too religious or that you think that I have too strong of an oppinion. I just thought of this and thought of writing it. Hope you like it:)

Chapter 2

First Day

by: Haystacks
On my way to second period I tripped over my own two feet and my books and papers flew everywhere. I got up on my knees and tried to grab everything before it was kicked away by all the other students. I thought I had everything until I stood up and saw my diary in someone elses hands.
"That's mine" I said real polite walking up to the boy.
"Oh. Sorry" He handed it to me. "I didn't mean to look like I was snooping"
"It's fine" I said.
"Hey. You're new, right?" He asked.
"Do you need help finding your next class"
"Um. I'm going to Ms. Jins..."
"That's where I'm going. Here, I'll walk you"
"Thanks" All of a sudden I felt really shy.
His hair was a perfect brown and he had baby blue eyes that sparkled when he smiled. I found out he was also a fan of "Lord of the Rings" and owned all the movies.
"I have them in my dorm room" He said on the way out of class.
"Awsome. I accidentally left all of mine at home" I admitted sheepishly.
"Maybe you could come to my dorm sometime and watch them together. I can show you my hobbit costume" He offered.
"That would be cool" I said.
"I gotta go to my next class. If you give me your dorm number I can call you"
"Cool. Mines 572. I'll call you" He turned to walk away but I stopped him.
"What's your name?"
"Jared. Jared Finn"
"I'm Angel Spelts"
"I'll see you later?"
I nodded and we walked seperate ways.

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