The Love of a Fallen Angel

I'm sorry if you find this book a too religious or that you think that I have too strong of an oppinion. I just thought of this and thought of writing it. Hope you like it:)

Chapter 1


by: Haystacks
Katy was poking me in the back of the neck with the point of her eraser. She giggled with her best friend, Crystal, as I flexed my hand to keep me from doing something I'd regret. Mrs. Turner was boring me to death about the cotton boom and I started to day dream about what my new home was going to look like. My parents are transforing me to a catholic boarding school. I wondered how big it was and if it was beautiful with age. I wondered if I would like my teachers and if I would be teased there as much as I am here. I thought of a cute boy not judging me and holding my hand looking as good as ever in his school uniform. But my daydreaming was interupted when a my books were slammed on my desk.
"Angel. I wish you would pay attention. This will be on your test tomorrow" Mrs. Turner scolded.
I slumped in my chair when I felt all eyes fall on me and my face blushed a deep red.
In the hall it wasn't any better. Ryan tripped me and my books went flying and papers littered the ground around me. I walked into my next class late and was given detention.
"Nice" Dana whispered to me when I sat down with the detention slip in my hand. I stuck it in my pocket to hide it from anyone else.

On the weekend my dreams came true. All my bags were packed and my parents drove me to the airport and I boarded alone. A fat man that smelled like B.O. sat next to me. His shirt was covered in stains.
"You have very pretty black hair" He said. He reached over and stroked it. I tried to lean away but it wasn't that easy. I was thanking God when the plane landed and I saw the taxi man took me to my school.
It was nothing like I imagined. It was new and smelled of freshly cleaned carpet. It was pure white. The kind of white I imagined heaven to be.
"In the middle of the year" The lady at the desk who handed me my key mumbled. "Unbelievable"
I hurried away to the girls side of the building and unlocked my door. It was a pretty big room with five beds, one bathroom, and a room with a flatscreen tv.
Four of the beds were unmistakingly taken and the only one open was the one by the broken window where a chilly breeze of winter came in.
I changed into one of the uniforms that were specially made for me and started to unpack. The door opened and I heard excited chatter so I stood up to see my new roomates.
When they saw me they froze and stared. I felt really uncomfortable so I said hi. I didn't reseave a warm greeting back but a, "Why are your eyes red?" From the blonde haired blue eyed one.
"Yeah. It looks like a disease" The one with red pig tails added.
"I was born this way" I said.
One of the girls snorted. "You listen to too much Lady Gaga" And they all giggled.
"Who's Lady Gaga?" I replied and they all stared at me again.
"You don't know who Lady Gaga is?" The blonde one asked.
I shook my head. "Are you stupid or something?" Said pig tails.
I blushed. This wasn't a good start. One of the ones with a ribbon in her hair whispered into the blonde ones ear and she whispered into the pig tailed one until they all heared it and they burst out laughing.
"Sorry" I said real queit and I sat on my bed and took out one of my favorite books "Lord of the Rings".

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