Quidditch Report ~ Ginny Potter ~ Puddlemere United vs. Chudley Cannons ~ 5/2/11

Quidditch Report ~ Ginny Potter ~ Puddlemere United vs. Chudley Cannons ~ 5/2/11

The Chudley Cannons Players:
Keeper: Heathe Wrinds
Beaters: Joey Jenkins and Fritz Quaros
Chasers: Gerald Gorder, Rhys Stromber, and Kyle Nittle
Seeker: Diana Warkle (The first ever female Cannon player)

Puddlemere United Players:
Keeper: Oliver Wood
Beaters: Kent Rowans and Riley Bircher
Chasers: Raine Oakenhart, Markus Marps, and Turner Trusk
Seeker: Benjy Williams

Chapter 1

The Match

Everyone has been very interested in this match, the Chudley Cannon's recently discovered seeker, Diana Warkles, is not only new to professional quidditch, but the first ever female player on the team. So, sitting up high on the stands surrounding the quidditch pitch, I see the players of both teams step onto the field. In their usual shade of startling orange, the Cannons get into position as the players of Puddlemere United, in their midnight-coloured robes step up onto the field. After a handshake to show good sportsmanship, the balls are released and the whistle is blown, the players are off, blurs zooming around the field.

The Cannon's chaser, Stromber, gets off to a good start and takes possesion of the quaffle. Puddlemere's chaser, Marps, is on Stromber's tail as he speeds up, weaving through Puddlemere's chasers, and dodges a bludger from Jenkins of the Cannons using the Sloth Grip Roll technique. He misses the left hoop due to a very nice save by Wood. Wood throws the quaffle to his teammate, Oakenhart, who speeds to the other goal post but is hit in the right arm by a well-aimed bludger sent by Quaros of the Cannons. Puddlemere's Trusk grabs it out of the air, about twenty feet from the ground, but Jenkins and Quaros are both working well together, using a technique called Dopplebeater Defence, both hitting the same bludger making it twice as hard a whack, at Trusk's fellow chasers and beaters, preventing them from aiding him and allowing the Cannon's three chasers to corner him. A very hard technique to pull off! Trusk is penaltied for cobbing, the use of elbows to ward off opponents, and Nittle of the Cannons is given a shot at the hoops without interference of players other than Wood. Nittle scores! The score is now Cannons: 10 and Puddlemere: 0. Up higher in the pitch Williams is keeping close to Warkle, Warkle seems to see something, she zooms off to the Cannon's end off the field, Williams of Puddlemere follows quickly, but she was bluffing, and caused him to fly straight into a bludger! Ouch! Very clever of her, she is not only very good at manuevering her broom, but clearly able to plan ways to throw off her opponent! She seems to be an excellant addition to the Cannons!

After about an hour of speeding chasers and ferocious bludgers, Puddlemere has scored five goals, three by Marps and one each by Oakenhart and Trusk, the Cannons three all scored by Gorder. Puddlemere: 50 and Cannons: 40. Marps does a Reverse Pass with the quaffle to Oakenhart, but it is fended of by the Cannon's keeper, Wrinds. Stromber of the Cannons is joined by his fellow chasers forming a triangle and using Hawkshead Attacking Formation, scattering the Puddlemere chasers. The Puddlemere beater, Rowans, careful not to hit his own team, hits a bludger backhanded, the Bludger Backbeat which is normally only used to trick the other team into thinking you are aiming for one of the players, but hitting the other instead. It hits Nittle in the nose, causing a lot of blood to be spilled, but he pinches the bridge of his nose and keeps flying anyway.

I hear gasps of excitement from the surrounding spectators. Out of the corner of my vision, I see Warkle of the Cannons zooming after a tiny golden speck. She has seen the golden snitch, but so has Williams. They are twenty feet from it, neck to neck. Fifteen feet, ten feet, five. Warkle and Williams both have their arms outstretched, but Warkles' hand is the first to touch the snitch! Holding it as it struggles, she flies down, landing on the field, holding the golden snitch tightly over her head in victory! Cannons win! The final score is Puddlemere: 50 and Cannons: 190! The Cannons have won their first game in ages! They really hit a cauldron full of Galleons in getting this rising star of a player!

Warkle walked off the quidditch pitch fifteen minutes later, draped in a banner emblazoned with the Chudley Cannons symbol. The victory party of the Cannons took place shortly after the match, and is rumored to still be raging right as I write this! Is this a new age for the Chudley Cannons?


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