Hayley Capello's life at Hogwarts

Hayley Capello knew she wasnt normal. She was able to see things before they happened. Now she is going into her 4th year at Hogwarts and things are about to change..... BIG TIME. (Capello is Italian for trickster, as you can tell she is a trickster and hangs out with Fred, George and Lee even though she is two years younger then them and in the same year as Harry, Hermione and Ron. She and her sister Clara are blonde, short and have green eyes)

Chapter 1

A Very Interesting Train Ride

I couldnt believe that my 3rd year was already ending. I was sitting in a compartment with my sister Clara, Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny, and of course Fred and George. The whole time we talked about the year and the jokes and pranks that me, Fred and George had pulled this year. Me, Harry, Ron and Hermione still had the cuts and scratches from the recent event of meeting Sirius Black. Harry was pleased to find out that Sirius was not after him at all but after Peter Pettigrew, who until recently was thought to be dead.
" Are you excited to come to the Burrow Hayley?" asked George.
" Yes very. It also gives us more time to plan pranks for next year." At this everyone laughed. I was known to come up with pranks very quickly and with more time to plan the more pranks there were bound to be.
"I'll be right back," said Clara, " I want to go say bye to a few of my friends."
After about an hour later Clara still hadnt come back. Since she was my younger sister, even though she was only a year younger, I worried if she was gone to long. She was also known to get into trouble but was a little more mindful about it.
" I'm going to find my sister," I announced.
" I'll come with you," said George. I had noticed that lately George has been acting very oddly.
As i was about to leave i saw Fred trying to hold back a laugh. I was going to ask him whats so funny but then i realised i needed to find my sister.
" You seem to worry about your sister a lot, dont you," asked George.
" Well of course i do. She is my sister and mum would kill me if i didnt look after her."
After about 10 minutes of searching the train I found her.
" Oh hey Hayley." said Clara.
" Hey just wanting to make sure your ok."
"I'm fine im just sitting here with Abby, Elizabeth and Luna."
Everyone thought that Luna Lovegood was loony, but me and my sister thought she was a very sweet and imaginative girl.
"Oh hey George," said Clara. I had temporarily forgotten that George was standing right behind me.
" Hey," he answered back.
" Clara you can sit here for the rest of the ride but if you go to another compartment please tell me and please come back to our compartment around 5 minutes before we enter the station, alright?"
" Ok." Clara never argued when i went over protective over her. She knew that the visions i constantly had drove me over the edge and made me worry about her all the time. I always had these visions and they make me worry for the safety of my friends and family.
" Don't you think your being a little over protective over her?" George asked as we were heading back to the compartment.
" No. I just worry. You know how those visions I get cause me to worry." It was true that all my friends knew about these visions and that i had predicted all of the happenings in my first second and third years.
"Plus i dont think it helps that me and Clara live in Amreica not here in England. So being farther away from home makes me worry more."
He opened to door to the compartment and let me go inside first. Fred was holding back a laugh again. George sat down and elbowed him in the ribs.
"Oww. What was that for," Fred asked George.
" You bloody know what that was for," George said as he glared at him.
I didnt know what was going on but all I could say was that was a very interesting train ride

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