Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Okay so since I am so deeply in love with Joey Richter, dont know who he is? I'll explain in a minute.
Anyway since I'm obsessed with him I thought I'd make this :D

Joey Richter is the awesomest dude ever, he was in A very Potter Musical and Sequel and was also the main character in Me and My Di ck
I shall put the links to those wonderful musicals at the end of chapter since I'm running out of room here.
So if you have no idea who he is or what he looks like just scroll down.Enjoy

Chapter 41

qwertuop I'm Not Allowed To Think Past 9, No Title Today :b

by: __adeline
It was still very awkward back at home but if he hadn't spoken up then.. who knows where we've been.
I was thinking really hard as I looked at the bathroom wall. I was really afraid of what I would see if I looked in the mirror.
I took the tinfoil out of my gross hair of mine, carefully, one by one.
My goodness, what is going to happen on this tour? Will things go okay? Will Joey forgive me? Will we get back together again?
Right then and there, I decided to forget about boys. Just for a little. Its time I needed a break. I've been stressing myself out too much. If I wasn't so worried about what they thought of me, I wouldn't be sitting on the toilet taking crap out of my hair.
If Joseph comes around, then I'll let him. If he doesn't, then... I can find someone else. Or not. I don't have a problem with being single. I will be perfectly fine either way.
If I was forgetting about boys then... I should move out, as I am living in a house with nothing but boys.

I finished taking the gunk out of my hair, shielded my eyes as I passed the mirror (though, my eyes did catch a glimpse of pink) and went into mine and Joey's room.
He was sitting on his bed, reading a revista. I casually went passed him, as if I didn't see him sitting there. I did feel his eyes on me as I started packing my things, though.
"Umm... Stevie?" He inquired quietly. "I have a few questions."
"I may have a few answers," I replied, not focusing on him.
"Well... first, why are you packing? Is it because of me?"
"Not really. Uh, kind of. Partly. It has very little to do with you."
"How does it have to do with me?"
"Long story."
"Oh... and... why is your hair pink?"
I could've face-palmed myself. I almost did.
Stupid, stupid, stupid, stupid. I. Am. So. Damn. Stupid.
"Think about it." I explained to him about the tinfoil already, so he should be able to puzzle the clues together. And I didn't have to make myself sound like an idiot. Not out loud, at least.
I finished packing in silence. I preferred it that way.
Once finished, I said goodbye very quickly and didn't wait for a response as I exited the room.
I rushed out the front door, back to my car.
Where was I going?
I am totally lost... stupid me.
Idiotic me.
I am freaking brainless.
Such a dunce.
And I even might be going crazy, too. I just heard both back doors open and close. But guess what? There's no one there. So I thought....
"HOLY CRAP!" I gasped, clutching my chest as Arielle and Lily emerged from the backseats.
"Hi, there," Arielle said oh-so calmly, as if this was an everyday thing. It just might be for her.... "How ya doin'?"
"I swear, you guys... you're going to give me a heart attack one day."
"We followed you out. We hid."
"She dragged me into it!" Lily exclaimed. "I just planned on leaving after you did and calling you later or something but Arielle had this whole 'act-like-a-ninja' thing worked out and she wouldn't let me leave!"
"Its... okay. I guess. Just... ohmygod. Why are you here?"
"To tell you to live with usss! Its kinda obvious you have no freaking idea of where to go so we're making things easier for you."
"You just need to help pay rent." Lily added.
"Well... alright. Thank you. So much."
"No problem. Now drive, woman!"

Blah, its a short, stinky kinda-filler chapter! I just wanted to put it up toniiight because I did something. Well, I went on Facebook and... I. ... I SENT JOEY A MESSAGE. Holy freaking crap. I went insane. What if he messages me back?!?!?! Ohmygod ohmygod... OHMYGOD! Holy effers. I am so nervous. My hands were sweating like crazy as I was typing the message and my heart was racing uber fast. It was just... crayzay. I am excited.
Wow this is long... Alright. It is two AM. It is time for bed... if I can fall asleep. I drank two cups of coffee and have been playing Just Dance for about four hours straight. And all this Joey excitement... intense, man.
Okay, you don't care. I apologize, I am hyper. Blah blah blah! Goodnight!

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