Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Okay so since I am so deeply in love with Joey Richter, dont know who he is? I'll explain in a minute.
Anyway since I'm obsessed with him I thought I'd make this :D

Joey Richter is the awesomest dude ever, he was in A very Potter Musical and Sequel and was also the main character in Me and My Di ck
I shall put the links to those wonderful musicals at the end of chapter since I'm running out of room here.
So if you have no idea who he is or what he looks like just scroll down.Enjoy

Chapter 3

I'm not crazy... or homeless

by: __adeline
I stumbled out of my car, relieved I actually made it here alive.
"Look, Mommy! A hobo!" a little boy about five years old cried excitedly pointing at me.
"Sweetie there are no such things as hobos. This person is homeless." said the mother not even bothering to whisper.
The boy walked over to me letting go of his mom's hand. "Hi! I've never met a hobo before! Do you live in your car?"
"Christopher! Get over here right now, I don't want you talking to homeless people."
"Uhm excuse me? I'm not homeless-"
"See, Mommy? She's a hobo!"
"And I'm not a hobo either. Just-"
"No, just a wreck."
"So you aren't a hobo?"
"Christopher get over here right now ."
He sighed, "Fine." he dragged his feet back over while his annoying mother grabbed his hand once again. "Bye!! I still think you're cool! I wish I could dress like you!" Christopher yelled over his shoulder. I smiled. At least somebody thought highly of me.
Maybe I did need to clean up. And get some new clothes. I could do that right after I bought the tickets.
I ran through the parking lot and through the doors of the mall feeling the happiest I've felt in a very long time.

Not being at the mall in a while kind of killed me. It changed. A lot. And somehow I just felt left out.
I looked around, clueless on where to go. Then my eyes wandered on just the right place; a giggling group of teenage girls with things on their shirts like "SUPERMEGAFOXYAWESOMEHOT" or just simple stuff like "I Less Than Three Darren Criss".
"Excuse me!" I shouted determined to get their attention. They would definatly know where to get the tickets.
They stopped looking scared. Except one girl. And just by looking at her I knew she was a stuck up snob. "What do you want?" she snapped.
I decided to ignore her attitude. "Do you know where I could get the tickets to Starship?"
"Not here if that was what you were thinking. You get them throuh Starkid. Doesn't everyone know that? Its sooo obvious,"
What a bastard.
"Okay well bye,"
I turned around feeling stupid. It didn't really help that one of the girls said "Did you see her clothes?! Bleck!"
It was definatly time to get a whole new wardrobe.
I walked in the direction that was JCPennys. Hopefully they weren't still overpriced, but I highly doubt it.
Of course when I got there it wasn't JCPennys. It was Hot Topic.
This was all Joey's fault.

Thank you ussabrefencer07 for helping me!!
If it was short then throw all of the ants you have at me, I won't stop you.

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