Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Okay so since I am so deeply in love with Joey Richter, dont know who he is? I'll explain in a minute.
Anyway since I'm obsessed with him I thought I'd make this :D

Joey Richter is the awesomest dude ever, he was in A very Potter Musical and Sequel and was also the main character in Me and My Di ck
I shall put the links to those wonderful musicals at the end of chapter since I'm running out of room here.
So if you have no idea who he is or what he looks like just scroll down.Enjoy

Chapter 2

I need pleasure?

by: __adeline
Starship was coming! It was my chance to see Joey again! There were only tickets left in Chicago, and I was going to buy them. I grabbed my phone . One Missed Call . Wierd, I never gave anyone my number except for Joey.... My heart skipped a beat and I couldn't press the call back button fast enough.
"Studio 21, pleasurable passion, how may I help you?" Said a voice that I didn't recognize.
"No, this is Chris. How may I help you?"
"Is Joey Richter there?"
"No, there is no worker here named 'Joey Richter'. Now how may I help you?"
"Uhm then what is this?"
"This is an adult store."
What the hell?
"Oh, then sorry, I don't need anything, uh, well ,bye" I hung up before the dude could say anything more. Why did an adult store call me? Did they think I needed pleasure and I couldn't get it on my own?
Whatever. Who needs those jerks. I was going to see Joey again!
I dialed the number for TicketMaster (I dont know where to get the tickets so I'm just assuming its TicketMaster, correct me if i'm wrong please!) They were busy. I guess I would have to get out of the house. To the mall. Outside, finally.
I better go now before the tickets sold out... oh boy. To be honest, I didn't really feel like changing. Or looking at myself in the mirror. How disgusting that would be.
I put on a beanie, the only thing that would cover up my gross looking hair. And what was extra special about that beanie was that Joey gave it to me. He didn't ask for it back and I didn't want to give it back to him.
I closed the door behind me for the first time in monthes and ran for the stairs and out the door so no one could see too closely the ugly mess I was.
Once I was outside, it felt like the sun was burning my eyes out. And I don't remember where my car is.
Hopefully it didn't get towed.
It didn't, thank god.
I walked over to it. This car was filled with memories.
This was the car I saw my first real love in.
This was the car I was always laughed at in because it was so old and beat up.
This was the car me and Joey drove to the worst drive in movie ever as "just friends".
This was the car I had my first drink in.
This was the car I spit my drink in Joey's face because it tasted so bad.
This was the car me and Joey were egged in on Halloween.
This was the car Joey told me he was going away.
Where my heart shattered and exploded against my insides. That moment I could've gave him the broken pieces of my heart, telling him to mend it. But of course I chicken out.
"Oh car. Its been so long," I said as a mother and her daughter were passing by. The mom ushered her child faster eyeing me as if I were some dangerous wierdo.
I just shrugged and opened the car door.
When was the last time I was in here? It looked odd. But it still had that old people smell in it.
I put the key in the ignition and slowley put my foot on the gas pedal.
I hope I still remember how to drive.

Go ahead. Throw those ants at me. What¿ I'm afraid of ants.
when did I creat this story? A few weeks ago? And I kept you waiting? And this chapter was suckishly short.. I think.
So yes go ahead, throw your ants at me.

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