Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Joey Richter, What the hell can't he do?

Okay so since I am so deeply in love with Joey Richter, dont know who he is? I'll explain in a minute.
Anyway since I'm obsessed with him I thought I'd make this :D

Joey Richter is the awesomest dude ever, he was in A very Potter Musical and Sequel and was also the main character in Me and My Di ck
I shall put the links to those wonderful musicals at the end of chapter since I'm running out of room here.
So if you have no idea who he is or what he looks like just scroll down.Enjoy

Chapter 1

My sad depressing life

by: __adeline
I was depressed.
I was miserable and a loser.
I hadn't pursued my dream to become some sort of scientist.
I was just some loner sitting on my bed all day with a bucket of mint chocolate icecream watching the computer screen all day ignoring the pains in my neck.
Always watching the same vidoes on YouTube never bores me. It makes me cry harder.
Watching Joey Richter kiss other girls pains me. Its like a stab in the heart each time. But I still watch it over and over again. I have no idea why.
I'm very surprised I'm still alive. I've been like this ever since Joey and I left high school. Ever since he became this big YouTube star, leaving me behind in the dusty shadows of despair.
"I'll call you," he said when he was exiting my house to go to the airport.. "everyday. I promise. I won't ever leave you behind."
And I believed him. Of course I've tried calling him. But of course he never picked up. I called him everyday but still got the same response. "Please leave your message after the tone." "Hey you just called Joey Richter and I have no idea how you got my number but I'll call you back anyway!"
I'm still waiting for my call. I've been waiting for two years. But I still call him, just to hear the voice that's so far away from my apartment in Michigan.
'A Very Potter Musical act 2 part 5' I typed in, clicked on it and fast forwarded the video. Watching him kiss Bonnie Gruesen. It still hurt even though I knew that was just part of the show and they were just acting.
It pained me even more for some reason when I watched him kissing Jaime Lyn Beatty in Me And My Di ck.
I think that's enough watching him. For today, at least.
I shut down my computer and plopped down on the couch waiting for my cat, Meow (cheesy, I know) to come and jump on my lap. Soon enough she did. Meow was my most prized possesion. She was my best friend ever since Joey left. She was like this little grain of happiness that was the only thing that shined in this apartment. Literally and emotionally. Her fur contained the colors of orange and red and a bit of blue and green, only because I accidently dropped some paint and it never came out. Emotionally because the only thing in the world that was there for me. The only thing in the world that cared for me. Well it seemed like she cared for me. Meow was always so full of energy and joy, very opposite of me.
"C'mon, Meow. You don't need to eat you're already fat enough," she was trying to lead me to her food bowl but was already five pounds over weight. The last thing either of us needed was even more food at midnight.
There was no need to change, I was already in my pajamas so I climbed into bed with Meow and closed my eyes hoping the next day will be better.
I used to say that to my mother when I was younger but she would always say the same thing, "Tommorow will only be better if you make it better."
I really need her.
Too bad she's dead.
All I have is myself and a cat.
Could my life get any worse?

A Very Potter Musical
A Very Potter Sequel
Me And My Dic k

One more thing,
all the things that go on won't be 100% correct
So forgive me :)

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