100 Things About Me =)

100 Things About Me =)

Well...yeah =)

Chapter 1

100 Things About Me

1-I'm fudging awesome!

2-I have had a lot of pets!

-2 cats
-1 dog
-multitudes of fishies!!
-1..maybe 2 bunnies
-1 bird

3-I don't make friends easily.

4-I love all types of music! =D

5-I love smileys! XD

6-I wear tape around my wrist sometimes becuase it's the beast.

7-My parents are well...we aren't poor but we aren't rich.

8-I don't eat much (usually just dinner).


10-Um...I'm smart? XD JK!

11-I am still scared of my closet.

12-I strung Christmas lights in my room.

13-I love singing..just not in front of people. =)

14-I wish I could look like one of those scene queens but I don't. =/

15-I waste away my life on the computer. =)

16-I like working out.

17-My best friends are Easton, Erica, and Taylor. Somehow they managed to get past my trust issues. =)

18-I don't have a religion. I have a relationship. That relationship is with God.

19-I go to a private school.


21-I have a lot of nicknames.
-Mini Beast
-And Many More

22-I can't cry in front of people..

23-I'm not sympathetic.

24-I'm not a good friend.

25-I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not. I'm me and if you don't like that...well...your loss! =)

26-I love Chicken Marsalla (sp?)...I'm eating it as I write! XD

27-I'm just going to bluntly say that I DO obsess about weight. I hit a gigantic 129.

28-I'm five feet short, and absolutely loving it! =)

29-Sometimes I hate being short.

30-I have terrible acne.

31-I hate who I am.

32-I've been told I'm sexy.

33-Somehow this boy named Easton managed to get past my walls...I don't know if that's a good thing or not yet..

34-I have a shadow at school...not like the actual shadow but...message me and I'll tell you! =)

35-When I get bored I try to dougie! I have succeeded in doing so at least twice! =O

36-I'm scared of heights.

37-I don't express my feelings so I do that thing...across the street for me =) no alleys!

38-School is my SANCTUARY! Until recently...

39-I believe the world will end by a zombie apocalype.

40-I love watching horror movies twice.
-Once: to be completely terrified
-Twice: to make fun of the stupidity

41-I love sneakers.

42-High tops are the beast.

43-I believe in mythical creatures.

44-A lot of things die around me.

45-My doggy is my BEST friend. Screw humans! Dogs all the way!




49-I hate life.

50-French Fries are my drugs.

51-I ignore people.

52-I have selective hearing.

53-I'm an outcast.

54-I love reading.

55-I love watching people get beat up.

56-I forget easily.

57-I lose things in my hands! =O

58-I'm good at making lists.

59-I love shopping..I just hate how everything looks on me.

60-If you see me smile, I will tell you now. The truth is, it is genuinely FAKE..

61-I love climbing trees.

62-I think I'm a fail.

63-My chocolate brown eyes have golden and green flecks in them if you look closely.

64-I like cuddling up in my blankets.

65-I cry myself to sleep everynight.

66-I'm lonely.

67-In the winter my window is usually wide open and two fans are on, while I am safely hidden under my blankets.

68-I sometimes open my window hoping someone will sneak in and take me away from this life.

69-I'm horrible at staying focused.

70-I've been trying to eat healthier. Well.....eat period.

71-I'm a text-aholic and not afraid to admit it.

72-I'm scared of a lot of things.

73-I suffer in silence. I could be dieing and I still wouldn't show you.

74-I'm not good with emotions...

75-I'm not good with authority...

76-The male species scares me sometimes.

77-When I was little, I did anything I could to just try to hide from the world. No kidding.

78-Welcome To My Life by Simple Plan was based off of my life.

79-Iris by Goo Goo Dolls is my themesong.

80-Somehow, in the middle of class, I can feel tears burning my eyes. A few times I can feel one winding its way down my cheek.

81-I like watching trees sway with the wind.

82-I love animals.

83-I sing Elmo's World all the time.

84-I have an Elmo hat and t-shirt.

85-I hide under my blankets at night as a safety precaution.

86-I have nightmares everynight......no joke.

87-I'm not a girly girl..even though I wish I was. All guys like girly girls.

88-I have a very low self-esteem.

89-I get extremely depressed when I'm bored or in my bedroom for long periods of time by myself.

90-I look forward to girl-on-girl talks with my two girl besties.

91-I'm an aspiring photographer even though I suck at photography.

92-I like to draw even though I can't draw worth a darn.

93-I love coloring!!!

94-I turn up my radio so no one can hear me scream and cry.

95-I'm left out a lot......

96-Deep inside I'm bleeding.

97-All I want to do at school is cry now-a-days.

98-My parents get terrified if they see me cry.

99-I have to be a good role model for my 10 year old sister.

100-I can count to 100! =)



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