The Mythical Love Triangle (Jacob black love story)

I know i know stupid title but this is the only thing i could come up with sorry :-)
this is a new story that i'm barely writing so please don't be so hard on me
extra important info: her mom is a vampire her dad a werewolf she is mostly werewolf with a little bit of vampire and has two little sisters.

Chapter 1


I just moved back to La push, Washington boy did i miss living in LA n I've only been here for about an hour n I'm already complaining about leaving my friends. We got to the house and it looked nice there were flowers in the front trees surrounding it and my parents told me that there was a beach just up the road(like i didn't know that i mean I've lived here before!) which made things a little bit better but i mean the only reason why we moved here was that there were trees every where which meant WAY less people around to see us when we are werewolves or hunting animals and eating them, oh yeah and my dad was transferred here. "Well honey what do you think?" my dad asked "It's nice" i was going to say more but i hated breaking my dads heart. I went in to the house to pick a room, i picked the room with a big window a walk-in closet and a medium size room. I started to unpack when my dad and mom came in "Ashlin we know you don't like it here so we are gonna let you skip the unpacking for now and look around." my mom said "But you-" my dad started to stay but i stopped him " i know i know i have to take my little sisters with me." i said "well you only have to take Katharina, Jasmine is asleep." "Alright well at least i only have to worry about one kid,but...she is hyper all the time." I went in to her and Jasmines room "Hey Kat (my nickname for her) mom and dad said that you have to come with me to look around and may be!...I'll take you to the woods to find something to eat." i said quietly "YAY! i get to skip unpacking hurry lets go Ash before the change there minds!" she said. We went rushing out the door and got to the beach in no time. We were walking around when i noticed a stench I've never noticed before it smelled like a werewolf but i wasn't sure so I pulled Katharina behind me but kept walking the same way the smell was coming from. I know stupid uh but i just felt like i had to know where the smell was coming from, all of a sudden my little sis wrecked my train of thoughts." EW! what's that smell!"she said "you smell it too?" "Duh! i smell it it smells like you if you don't put perfume on!" "oh shut up but is the smell getting worse for you?" "yeah my nose is hurting." "how bad" "not that bad i mean I'm used to it so i guess i'll keep on going with you." "fine whatever." when we finally got to strong-ness of the smell their were a group of really tall croped hair HOT guys. We were just standing their looking at them but i snapped out of it before the could notice. I whispered to Katharina "you don't think they're werewolves do you?" "Well may be i mean they smell just like you and daddy and kinda like Jasmine." when we walked pass them it looked like Katharina was about to faint but instead she ran off FULL speed I looked at the group of guys to make sure they weren't looking,thank god they weren't I ran off normal human speed "KAT! COME BACK, KATHARINA! WHERE ARE YOU!!!!" once i was inside the woods i turned into a werewolf following her scent, later i found her not that far from the beach eating a deer, i turned back human behind a tree and put on my extra clothes i carried everywhere in my bag. "Kat why did you run off!" i yelled "the smell was to much for me so i,...ran off." she was starting to cry and i sat next to her rubbing her back. "Ash i don't like it here i want to go back to LA." she said " i know me too but,... lets just try it out for a while i used to live here before i turned but then we had to move i hated it and then i turned when we were in LA and found out i was part vampire and then mom and dad and you and Jasmine so we had to move back i mean it won't be so bad for you i loved it here and now i'm passing the love of La push to you and Jasmine." "OK I'll try it,... for you." "thanks now lets start heading back before mom and dad start getting worried, I'll race you home." " your on!" she started running and i turned into a werewolf and lost her on the way home but then i heard someone scream it was Kat. i started running towards her pericing scream when i finally got to her she was surrounded by a pack of wolves all of them were smaller then me except one a russet colored one i jumped in front of her protecting her they all looked confused because i was wolf and she was...a vampire that's why they were attacking her! but they were still coming towards us one of them waiting to attack but wasn't i howled and barked at her telling her to run but i gave her look that said don't-tell-mom-and-dad! she ran off as fast as she could a silver one with white spots was going to go after her but i go in front of him and hit him with my paw so hard that i might have broken my paw but i didn't care all of the wolves were running towards me and i was kicking them biting them but some got me also but i beat most of them except two a black one and the russet colored one i snickered at them knowing i was already going to win.
Jacobs p.o.v
while me and the pack were out patrolling i smelled a vampire that wasn't familiar to me so i called the pack in to where i was and i saw a little bloodsucker that could be 5 or 6 years old if it were human, me and the pack surrounded it all of a sudden it started calling out Ashlin, who ever that was then all of a sudden i saw a white and black wolf that jumped in front of it like it was protecting it we were all confused "why the heck is that other werewolf protecting that thing!" paul said "I don't know!" "that thing probably hypnotized it"


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