Not so Black and White (A Seamus Finnigan Love Story)

(WritingFanatic & ILoveDeanThomas)

Chapter 3

Room of Requirement

(Author's Note: In J.K. Rowling's books, the Timetable (Schedule) went by the week. That means that You would have certain classes Monday, certain classes Tuesday, certain classes Wednesday, and so on. In the story, if it is alright with ILoveDeanThomas, I was hoping that we could do it by the day and just create our own Schedule. I'd also like to apologize for how short the chapter is.)

The next morning brought the first day of school. Something which I found dreadful, but delightful at the same time.

Of course, despite my attempts at avoiding both Draco and Michelle, they made a beline for me as soon as they spotted me at breakfast.

Ignoring the plate of food infront of me, I stood up and left the Great Hall, being careful not to brush against Malfoy when we passed eachother. I had no intention of speaking to him anytime soon.

I decided to go to one place no one would bother me- the Room of Requirement.
The majority of students knew about this room after the incident with Dumbledore's Army and the Inquisitorial Squad in fifth year.

I paced infront of the hallway where I knew the door was hidden, a crease forming in my brow as my mind focused intensly on the task of willing the doors to appear.

I need to think... I need to sort things out... I need to think... I need to sort things out.

After a few moments, the door materialized.

Satisfied, I walked into the room to find a lovely sitting room with arm chairs and a warm fireplace. Books lined the shelves and I gladly sat down and soaked in the comfort the room evoked.

I looked carefully around the room for about the fifth time, searching to memorize every detail. I didn't know why I felt I had to do this, but I knew it was neccesary.

My eyes caught the fireplace.

I found myself lost in the licking flames of the fire. It was as if they drawed me, hypnotised me, and I could no longer think or look at anything else.



Broken out of my reverie, I whipped my head around to see Seamus looking at me with curiosity and surprise plainly revealed on his face.

"You aren't suppose to be here," I said to Seamus, without thinking about it.

"Neither are you," he replied casually.

"How did you.... how did you get in here?" I asked. I was astounded. No one could ever guess where I was- except Blaise of course. But Blaise always let me have my privacy, as did I let him have his.

"I-I needed a place to... to think," Seamus stammered. I could tell there was something more behind it, but I just looked at him.

He looked back, and we remained that way for a few moments.

Suddenly I was jerked back into reality and I hurried passed him and out the door without a single glance behind me.

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