Supernatural-Welcome to the Jungle,Babe

My first Supernatural story!!!

Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Catherine started to slowly regain conciousnes.She remembered the God awful stench, then the creature that attacked her.

But she didn't remember being on such a soft blanket.Catherine blinked her bright blue eyes open, expecting to see the ceiling of the cave.Instead she saw an off-white ceiling and the fan slowly going around.

She sat up, and a pain in her back started to hurt."Good, you're up."A familiar voice called from the bathroom.Alyssa came out, drying her hair with a light pink towel.Catheirne gave her a slightly confusing glance.

"Are the kids ok?"Was the first thing that Catherine asked.Even if her safety ws on the edge of death, she was more concerned for the well-being of other people.Alyssa nodded, then shook her head.Light blonde hair went flying.She stopped, her hair a mess.

"Sam got them out before the cave collpased.You too, as you can tell."Catherine fidgited on the bed."What the hell happened?"Her back was killing her and she was dying for some pain killers.

"Well.Hmm..,"Alyssa sat down on the bed next to Catherine.Catherine knew this pause all too well."Alyssa, please tell me that you didn't have a one-nighter with Dean!"Alyssa gulped.

"Fine, I won't tell you.."Alyssa got up and walked over to a dark brown dresser and tossed Catherine a orange bottle.Catherine held it up and exaimed it."Marissa McCarthy?"

Alyssa nodded."Yup.Hope it works."Alyssa moved around nd laid on the bed,looking at the ceiling."They really need to clean that,"she pointed to the huge blood spot on the ceiling.

Catherine turned her head to exaime it." does that happen?"

Alyssa chuckled."Must've been one tough one-nighter for somebody,"Catherine tossed a pillow at Alyssa."Wasn't mine!And you throw like a girl!"

Catheirne jumped up, tackling Alyssa to the ground.The pain in her back shot up and she rolled over."Haha,"

"Just remember...,"Catherine's voice trailed off.

"Remember what?"Alyssa asked."That I own the car, and I can tell you to take a hike."

Short, but who cares?!

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